Monday, June 29, 2009


We are hosting a HUGE, GIGANTIC, CRAZY AMOUNT OF STUFF, ENORMOUS, LARGER THAN LIFE Yard Sale!!! It is scheduled for 7/11. We are talking about furniture, bikes, toys, home decor, tools, bathroom vanity, books, cd's, dvd's, pack-n-play, kids clothes, adult clothes, small kitchen appliances, poolside chairs, deck box, etc.

Why are we doing this, you may ask?

The Ro's are moving.

We are moving into our condo in Tara. I really want to go back to school and finish my degree in Elementary Ed. and Rob and I aren't happy with the amount of money we are able to save living in our house. We figured some changes were in store for the Ro Family. This is an exciting opportunity for us as we embark on a new phase in our lives. The kids are all going to be in school (for at least half day) this coming fall and it is a perfect time for me, (Stacey) to go back to school. I am starting off easy...taking only 1-2 classes during the morning starting in January. Until then- I will be getting everything organized in the condo and working hard on my PTA duties. Rob has been traveling quite a bit lately, and we figured that if he didn't have to spend half of his time at home doing yardwork, then he can spend more time with the family. So- to sum it up... please visit our yard sale if you are able to! We are literally selling everything from Rob's smoker to a couch and recliner in the basement... Lots of appliances and home decor also... (And Rob's awesome tools that we will no longer need!!!)

Lots of love from the Ro Family!!!


Nicole said...

Wow! That's big news! I hope everything goes well....and you get lots of cash from the yard sale. After just going through the moving process again, it sure makes things easier to have less STUFF. I wish we'd been able to sell some of our stuff.

Good luck!

Vudochki said...

I love downsizing. Although, I end up throwing most things away because I'm not patient. I wish you luck on your yard sale and your move! Sounds like you'll be quite the busy lady. That's awesome that you'll be going back to school. Way to go!

Jan said...

Were you able to get permission for the kids to stay at Mann?

Kristie said...

Okay Stacey...I am not going out of town any more!! I go out of town and all sorts of craziness ensues!!!!! :) We will sure miss you guys being right here by us! I wish that we were there for the garage sale, but alas, we will be headed home that day. I hope you have lots of success at your sale!!

srorro said...

Still working on the kids school transfer. Who knows what is in store for the Ro kids?!