Monday, June 22, 2009

Homemade Cakes!

What's that, you say? It's a real live butterfly. How did we capture it? TAESUN! I couldn't believe it. Just hours before Jenna's butterfly bash luau, Taesun was outside in the front yard, and captured this butterfly. He was so excited and we were so shocked. He must be faster than we thought. I haven't ever caught a butterfly with my bare hands. Yes, that's right!! He didn't have a net!

I had an AWESOME time making cakes this time around. Usually my homemade cakes turn out looking like crap... or otherwise, something you would see on :) (I thought this plug was subtle.) Enjoy these beautiful butterfly cake pics and caterpillar cake pics! Homemade icing and all!!


Kristie said...

You have been on a total blogging streak this week while I was gone!! :) I love the cakes! Sounds like you guys are keeping busy (and WAY cooler than us- we are hot and right up near 100!) Thanks for sitting our fish for us! Hope you guys are doing well!

Dave & Kami said...

love the cakes. You did such a great job!! They are adorable. Hope Jenna's Party was fun!!