Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Michaels

Taesun relayed this story at dinner tonight.

"Hey Mom... Did you know there are two Michaels in my class at school? There is Michael H. who is really bad and then there is Michael Hollingsworth who is really fat."

I busted out laughing. I asked to make sure he said "fat" and sure enough... What a funny kid. Hmmm... I wonder how he describes me???

Enough thinking for now.

I've been working out and eating healthy lately. In fact, I am on week 3 of doing this. I exercise at least 4-5 times per week for an hour of cardio each day. I am also doing minor strength training at home. I did a metabolic test where I found out my resting metabolic rate was WAY low. This is probably due to my thyroid and lack of metabolism. Oh well- just another roadblock to overcome. I am allotted 1400 calories/day plus 50% of however many calories I burn through exercise. Typically I burn 460 calories which means I am supposed to eat 1630 calories/day so my body doesn't think I am starving myself. That is actually crazy hard to do when you eat healthy foods!! For instance, my breakfast is only 70 calories. I don't drink anything but water and Diet Mountain Dew, so no calories there. A typical lunch is between 300-400 calories. That leaves a whole lot of calories to eat for dinner and snacks.

I have found some new loves that I thought I would share on here... bottled water with a few frozen berries thrown in... and shaken up. (Makes a great flavored water without any fake sugar...) Also, a mango smoothie with light peach yogurt and a cup of frozen mango pieces. YUM!! Very refreshing!

On another note... my sweet husband has succumbed to my wishes and is taking me to a concert OF MY CHOICE on Thursday. I am soooo excited for the opening act. In all honesty- I could go without seeing the other two bands, but I'm sure they will be fun too. Here is who is playing in order... Matt Nathanson, Maroon 5, and Train. We have lawn seats in an outdoor amphitheater closeby. We also have a babysitter for the night starting at 4pm. Unfortunately for Rob, my Aunt Flo decided to visit today so for all his effort.... Sorry Rob.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tellus Museum

Our family decided to go to a nearby museum this past weekend. Rob wanted to do something special for the kids. We decided on a museum called "Tellus Museum" in northern Georgia. It was pretty neat. They had it broken up into several areas including, Gems and Minerals; Dinosaurs and Fossils; Planes, Autos, and Rockets;a hands-on experiment section; gem panning and fossil digging; solar house. We had lots of fun exploring and walked away with shark teeth, gems that we panned, and lots of education!!

Addison really liked the gems. She wouldn't surprise me if she became a geologist one day!

Addison being goofy in the astronaut suit.

Jenna was super excited about posing in this suit!!

Mission control: we have a problem... Jenna's in charge!!

Jenna's favorite gems/minerals were the quartz and pyrite.

Jenna kissing the astronaut!

I had no idea Taesun would be so interested in this place! He shocked me most of all. This museum actually held his attention!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Two.... Oh Boy!!!

This email below was a correspondence from me to Taesun's teacher this morning. Oh Boy!!! I am in for it this year....

Ms. Hertel-

My son, Taesun apparently had a bad day yesterday when it came time to get on the bus. We are new to town and when looking at the transportation posters in the hall during open house, I must have not noticed that two buses stop on our street literally twenty feet from each other. I put down the wrong bus number on his necklace. When he found that his bus was indeed #8, he got scared and threw a tantrum. I'm sure his thinking was that he would be placed on the wrong bus and not get home. My daughter was called to ensure the correct bus number. 

Fast forward to after school. When he got off the bus, he was extremely upset. I talked him down and figured out the above story. Although we talked about my mistake with the bus number and he seemed fine, it is evident that he was still angry about the situation. This morning, on our way to the bus stop, I noticed his necklace was missing from it's spot in Tae's room. When I looked at his backpack I noticed his tag was not on there anymore. I tried to get it out of him as to where he put it/what he did with it, but to no avail. 

I have searched the house over and again...(including all garbage) and cannot find the necklace and bus tag. I explained to Taesun that it is necessary for him to leave it on his backpack and NEVER take it off. He swears he didn't do it. 

You and I both know he did. I am trying to make Kindergarten a pleasant experience for him. Can you please provide a new necklace for Taesun? His address is 3157 Islesworth Trace. His bus is #8. I have contacted the front office and let them know of the situation. They will be sending down a new bus tag. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your help. 

Let me know when you could use some help in the classroom. I am available any day. :) 

Stacey Ro

I literally ripped the house apart looking for this bright yellow bus tag and necklace. That kid has duped me. A FIVE YEAR OLD HAS DUPED ME! What a stinker!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School... ALREADY????

Two little boogers... (so stinkin' cute!)
Somehow, I just can't believe the kids are already back in school!! They were SUPER EXCITED to head to school this year. Addison hasn't really made any friends yet, so she couldn't wait to meet some new friends in her class today. Jenna was super excited to be in her teacher's class. Her teacher is very young and was just married this past summer. Here's to hoping she doesn't end up pregnant during the school year!! Taesun couldn't get enough of KinderCamp this summer, (which was only two days,) and so he definitely wanted to start school today. He had drawn a map during camp of the school. He made sure his "school map" was in his backpack today "just in case he gets lost!!" Too funny. Also worth mentioning- Kindergarten is Full Day here!!  You enjoy the pictures... I'll just enjoy the silence. Aaah...

Addison, Jenna, and Taesun

Look how CRAZY the bus stop is!! There were at least 15 kids there to get on the bus. Also- we walked about a city block to get to the bus stop. Hope we don't procrastinate getting out the door this year!

My baby going off to Kindergarten!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Darling Children

These are definitely getting framed and hung up in my house. Love them!!!    
                                                Addison, age 9

Jenna, age 8

Taesun, age 5

Our Family Pics

Rob was trying to set up the camera. What was I looking at? 

Old-style Pic

The Ro's

Jenna in her cute outfit

My little girl...can't believe she's already 9!!

What a cutie!!

My helpers

Love this pic!

Tae thought he would try to blend in...

The Ro Kids

I think I look like my Aunt KK here.

Beautiful Jenna

Wind-blown look

Momma Ro

Ms. Addison

Enjoying the Pier

My handsome husband

The kids took this one!

And this one...

Pic by Jenna


They stopped welting and turned bright red.
Here is an update on the legs... (can you tell this was a HUGE part of our vacation???)

They got all over. This is her shin.

Back of the legs. Can you say, "OUCH!"

Back of left leg. Crazy painful!

The Crab Shack- Tybee Island

We had to head out of town to get medicine for Addison's legs. On our way back into town, we decided to stop for lunch at "The Crab Shack." It was a very unique restaurant. There were tables with holes in the middle with a garbage can underneath. That way one could throw away their un-edible parts so no one had to look at them. (The kids were very thankful for that!!) After lunch, we stayed long enough to feed the live gators. The kids thought it was very cool that they had the chance to do that.
A shot I took at "The Crab Shack." This is totally unedited!! 

Ms. Addi Patty

Ticey Bicey

Jenna Bo-Benna

The girls feeding the gators. Taesun had pooped out by this time!!

Look closely... the gator is about to get his snack.

She loved every minute of this!

Random smiling Rob pic

Isn't he so cute!! Love that little guy! (and the big one too!!)

Somebody woke up to feed the gators.

Aahh!! Don't eat the Daddy!

She looks pyscho here, but she is attempting to "tickle" the alligator.

Best friends... (sometimes)