Monday, March 29, 2010

New color

My baby sister, Whitney came over today and gave me a much-needed hair color job. I needed to cover up the gray soooo bad. We did low-lights and highlights. It looks great. Definitely lighter for spring/summer.

Soccer Stars!

Go Bulls!!! The season has started back up and we have a new player on our team- JENNA!! She was able to move onto Addison's team since one girl quit at the end of fall season. We are sooo excited to have both girls on the team and Rob is actually assistant coaching this season and coaching full-time in the fall. The Bulls were amazing on Saturday. With only one practice behind them, they ended up spanking the other team. With a score of a bizillion to nothing, we left happy campers. Jenna was hillarious as she guarded/danced against the opposite team. Addison played goalie for the first time ever and barely had to do anything since our teams' defense was so amazing. She enjoyed herself though and can't wait to play a more aggresive team later in the season.

Addison gained and Jenna lost...

Addison gained something this week- a new bike!!! While she gained something, Jenna lost something... her front tooth!! Big week at the Ro house. Isn't she so cute with her new smile?

The Birthday Boy!!!

Tae is now 4!! We had several birthday parties for him this year. He didn't want a party with friends, so instead we went to Chuck E. Cheese's to play games, had a great time shopping for presents, and then had a family birthday party for Tae and me. Our birthdays are only a day apart. We shared a Spiderman cake and had a great dinner from Mott. Happy birthday Tae!!! You're a sweet boy and a blessing to our lives!

St. Patrick's Day

Green eggs and ham!!! That's what was for dinner at our house on St. Patty's day. I made scrambled eggs, added green food coloring, and then added ham and cheddar cheese. It was delicious... just ask the kids,(since I didn't eat any of that crap!!)

Jump Zone and a not-so "Perfect Stranger"

These pictures are literally horrible. The kid wouldn't stop moving for anything. After about 20 pictures, these are the best I could get!!

Do you remember the show, "Perfect Stangers" with Balki? I just loved that show. The actors were extremely quirky and the show made me laugh like crazy. They always did stupid things- especially the parts about where Balki was from- Mypos. LOVED that show. Anyway- my son Taesun made a friend throughout the year at school. His name is Luke. He goes by "Lukey." They were connected at the hip at the last field trip to Jump Zone. Tae loved this field trip. Even though he loved being with his friends- he still made sure that Mommy was closeby.

Addison and the Talent Show

The Erpenbeck Elementary Talent Show was quite the hoot this year. They had a lot of Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift songs. The teachers did an opening number to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and the finale was with all the children in the talent show. They did a dance to "Forever" by Chris Brown (aka the Wedding dance). Addison played the piano to the famous song from the movie, "Titanic"- "My Heart Will Go On." This was the only shot I got. That's her little head behind that big ol' piano!
This is Addison and her friend, Alexa from her class at school.

Addison was one of two kids who played the piano. I was surprised that there weren't more children playing the piano! She did a wonderful job! Thanks to her awesome piano teacher for her help with this song!!!

Having fun with Daddy

Rob fell asleep on Addi's bed one day after work. (Don't look at the mess below him... She's practically a teenager nowadays!) The girls decided to draw on Daddy's stomach to wake him up. You gotta love the close-up!! Good sport, Rob.
By the way- the little face with a goatee says, "I'm dumb!"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Time!!!

Tae and I had our birthdays. Tae's is on the 14th and mine on the 15th. We celebrated in style this year!! I went shopping and am going to continue going shopping for the rest of the week as I try to pick up some of the basics that I am desperately in need of. Why is it that a mom always takes care of everyone else's needs before her own? I cannot believe that this once completely self-absorbed girl could change into this person who has owned the same pair of tennis shoes for six years and hasn't completely updated her wardrobe in over 8 years. Crazy how kids can change a person. Rob took the whole family out to my pick of a restaraunt tonight and we ended up at Outback Steakhouse. I just LOVE their cheese fries and I tried a new entree tonight which was sirloin marinated in teriyaki and then grilled and it had a teriyaki glaze on top. It was AMAZING. I am going to replicate that one for dinner at home one night next week. Also, Rob surprised me with a KitchenAid Food Processor today and boy am I excited!! Lately, I've been feeling kinda blah in the kitchen and not really wanting to cook, but a new appliance means that I'm all revved up for some chopping/shredding action! I am planning on making something with lots of chopped up veggies in it for dinner tomorrow. Happy birthday to us, Taesun.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Totally 80's!!

My good friends, Ashley and Thu, decided to throw me a birthday party for my 30th birthday. It was an 80's themed party where lots of people dressed up. I searched and searched for 80s clothing, but unfortunately everything I found was in teeny people sizes. So- I ventured out to Goodwill and St. Vincent dePaul's and finally found a huge yellow frock of a dress which was hideous. I decided that I could do SOMETHING with the ugly dress, so I went to work. I really was going for the "party dress" look since the party was in honor of me. I quickly went to Hobby Lobby and tried to find some material for a huge belt-type-thingy and then found some mesh that was bright blue. Then I found some ribbon that was hot pink (same color as the belt) and blue with polka-dots. I thought, "Ok...I can do something with this!!"
You see the outcome. HIDEOUS!! I decided to wrap the blue mesh around the skirt part and then use the hot pink as the belt and bow. I also had a friend make the bow for the top part of the dress. Once I teased up the ol' bangs and added a charming hairbow, which I made... I think it turned out alright. Wish I could have been "cuter" for the pics, but let's face it...the 80's were NOT about being cute! Hope you enjoy the pics...