Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th

So, this year we had Rob's parents here for the fourth of July. Hence- we didn't do our annual trip to Louisville for our old neighbor's party. Instead, we stayed home. We did go to the Union Celebrates America event on Friday night. It was amazing. Although, I don't have pics from it, the fireworks were an amazing professional show. There was an Army band named the "Dragoons" that played. They even had a few original songs that were great!! It set the mood for celebrating how great being an American is!!

Then- on Sunday... we were invited from some neighbor friends to watch their 'home firework show'. It was great. The kids ran around catching fireflies and watching the fireworks. They would scream, "Fire in the hole..." and run back to the garage to get as far away from the fireworks as they could. Super cute!! Then- as one firework went off, it went awry and a flame landed right on top of the other remaining fireworks which set them ALL off at once!! They were sitting on the chair until they all blew up. Here's what remained of the chair. I honestly was soooo afraid someone was going to get hurt...but no one did. THANK YOU GOD!!! It was fun overall...even though there were definitely some scary times.

200th post!!!

Don't worry... I'm not going to post 200 things about me or 200 reasons you should read my blog...(although you should, of course!) Instead, I just want to encourage all of you bloggers to blog away and then, when the year is up, you can turn your blog into a book. This is like a journal to me and my family. I'm not the best at 'writing' everything down, but I am alright at blogging our fun times and memories. This IS our journal. My hope is that my kids can look back at these blog books and remember growing up in a fun way. So- with that being said.... enjoy looking at our blog and I want to welcome you into the crazy life of 'The Ro Show!'