Thursday, April 30, 2009

Isn't this the best?!! My friend, Ashley made this cake for Taesun this past March. I thought it was SOOOOO CUTE! She is so creative. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to decorate a truck on a cake. Taesun absolutely loved it. Funny how his shirt has a truck on it too... He is such a boyish boy. We sure do love him and are sooo excited whenever he speaks and we understand what he is saying. Last night, I was trying a new method of putting him to sleep. He has bunkbeds and I let him "sleep" on top and I was reading my book/sleeping on the bottom bunk. His sisters were supposed to be in bed, but they kept talking/screaming. Taesun sat up, climbed down the ladder, left his room, and said as clear as day..."Stop Talking. I'm Trying To Sleep." I find him sooo hilarious. His little voice is priceless. I think that is what I'll miss the most as he grows up. What a cute voice for a cute little boy!!

PJ Pants for the Family!!

Here are all my kids with their homemade pj pants...made by ME!! I think they turned out pretty cute. After several washes, they are holding up nicely as well. I am venturing out and doing a dress/jumper for Addison right now. I'm stuck on some cutting instructions/layout problems, but I'm sure it will get done before the end of summer:)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Crazy Life!!

I just love this time of year. Spring is here and the kids are enjoying their last month of school. Only 24 days left (school days, that is...) until summer break! My kids are beginning their summer activities next week! Addison is going to be playing Machine Pitch Softball co-ed every Tuesday night from 6-8:30 and Jenna is going to be playing Tee-Ball co-ed every Monday night from 6-8:30. With school still in session, this makes for a long day for the kids, and a crazy schedule for me. I think all will be well though. I'm hoping their sports will wear them out and they will crash when they get home. As for Tae- he will be playing soccer in May as well and then in the fall he will be playing with BCYSA. (So will Addison) The girls are also going to be enjoying Kickball, Golf, and even Acting for Jenna!! What a match that is. I truly think she'll be teaching the class by the end of the sessions.

My garden is planted-everything but the tomatoes. (Sugar snap peas and Squash)... The kids clubhouse/treehouse is built and being enjoyed by all, and the pool is ALMOST ready to be dived into!! Hopefully this summer will rock and we'll be looking back in August when school is starting wondering how we fit all these fun summer memories into one summer!!

Another thing that is new for this year is that we purchased Kings Island season passes for the ENTIRE family!! We've already been twice and the kids REALLY enjoy it!! We look forward to seeing Sponge Bob and Dora an awful lot this summer at KI.

News for Stacey- I am now the Vice President of the Mann Elementary PTA. If you want to help out with something, I can sure find some volunteer opportunities for you. Anything from 1 hr to work from home opportunities and larger openings like chairing an event. Just let me know. I have had two meetings so far and they are really fun. I am excited to take on this challenge this year. Hopefully we'll pull off some really fun programs for the kids at Mann and their families!! Wish me luck!!