Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jenna is 7!!!

Jenna had a party this year at Lazer Kraze. She invited tons of guests, but in summer's fashion, most of her friends were out of town. Her bestest friend, Midori, was even in Japan!! She loved being the center of attention for the day!!

She played three games of Lazer Tag, and loved every minute of it!

Here's the crowd after our first mission. Whew!! We were tired.

Blowing out the candles on her iCarly cake.

Seven reasons we love Jenna...
1) She is ALWAYS singing. Anyone with a song in their heart that much, must be a happy person!
2) She has the cutest snaggle-tooth smile right now! With her teeth growing in, I just can't help but smile when she does.
3) She LOVES weird TV shows like.... Man Vs. Wild, Ninja Warrior, and of course iCarly.
4) She is a cuddle bug. She loves to sit on your lap, give you kisses, and just be doted on.
5) She is a fashionista. She has been particular about her outfits since she was 2 yrs. old. She hates collared shirts, and can't stand her "Drop it Like It's Hot" tater tot t-shirt.
6) She is a great athlete. She has natural ability. We were surprised at how quickly she picked up soccer this year. She is also great at gymnastics, dance, and riding her bike.
7) She will always be our little girl. She was so hard as a baby, but so worth it! I LOVE YOU, JENNA!!!

New Dresses.... Homemade!

These were by far... the easiest dresses to make!! The gathered fabric was already made and I just had to attach the bottom fabric to create the dress part. Then, I added quilt binding to the bottom of the dress and used the same binding as the straps on the dress. Of course, my girls will NOT be wearing these without a shirt underneath. Modesty is hot in our house!!!

Modeling pictures...

Beautiful Addison Looking gorgeous...

Jenna posing for the camera...
What a cutie-pie!

They got a hold of the camera. Since we're posting modeling photos... here's as much of me as you'll see in my swimsuit!

Taesun before his haircut. Lots of hair to spike up... he did it himself!!

Piano Recital

The girls have really enjoyed learning how to play the piano. A sister in our ward teaches them. A few other sisters in the ward also teach piano, so they got together and formed a recital held in the Relief Society room. Here are the girls holding up the programs. Addison playing three songs. She did awesome!!

Jenna playing two songs. She also rocked!! She has only been taking lessons since January. We are pleased with both of the girls' progress.

Preschool Days...

Here are some pictures from Tae's preschool program.

This is a little boy from the class who is deaf. He was technically in the class, but never really participated unless it was on a field trip. He was in a special class for the deaf at the school. Such a cute kid!! He broke his leg right before school ended.


Austin...( a boy from the other class, Tae told me... whoops!)

Ms. Joan, Ms. Barb, and Ms. Shannon...(the actual teacher) Hopefully all three of these special ladies will still be in my little man's life next year.

My little Tae at his preschool graduation. He didn't graduate, but he performed with the other kids.

Aaarrgh, me matey!!!

Pirate day at school for the first graders was quite a hoot!!! Jenna wore the "Harley Davidson" dress I made her as a sewing experiment. It did look pirate-like with the belt and all. Then, she borrowed Rob's pirate hat from his 80's outfit of the dude from "The Goonies." She is carrying a pirate toy we bought in St. Pete on our pirate cruise... it says, "Aargh, me matey. I bet I'm having more fun than you Aaaaargh!" Cute, huh?

Jenna told her teacher that she wanted to bring her cockatiel, "Cincy" to school to sit upon her shoulder. Her teacher didn't seem to think that was such a great idea. I wonder why?!

Chicago Trip

You can tell we really liked our trip to "The American Girl Doll Store." Our kids in Chi-town....

Addi and Mommy- two peas in a pod!

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese!!!

Oh, how we love stringy cheese on our pizza!!

Jenna's mouth isn't quite big enough for this big slice!

Addison before eating the pizza... Look at that yummy cheese on the side.

This is truly Chicago-style pizza!! The slices were so big that you could only eat one piece...if that!!

Rob can never take a serious picture. Oh well... at least it's a pic of BOTH of US!!

My beautiful girls!!!

Busy little beavers!!

This year at school, Addison and Jenna were awarded certificates for their participation in

Lego League and Odyssey of the Mind. They loved getting the recognition even though they didn't always enjoy going to their activities. They were so busy between Lego League, Odyssey, Soccer, Piano Lessons, and Church. Aaaahhhhh!!! This scares me that in a little over two months we'll be back to doing all this crud again... I guess we should REALLY enjoy the summer!!!

Soccer Update...

Here is the girls' team for Spring Soccer 2010. Rob was assistant coach this year and will be head coach of Addison's team in the fall. Jenna will be on a U8 team, and Taesun on a U6 team, and Addison on a U10 team. Three kids...three teams.... two parents. You do the math. Come fall- I'll be busier than a one-armed orangutan!!! Addison was the goalie and Jenna was the littlest one on the team...(she played up in a higher league this past year... ) Fun times!!

One little, two little, three little monkeys!!!

My kids are obsessed with climbing the trees in our neighborhood!!! Here they are at their best. Look closely... sometimes they are camoflauged!!!

Fun in the Sun

Bike riding, duck feeding, walking around the lake, and taking crazy pictures. All in a day's work of being a mother!!!