Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aaarrgh, me matey!!!

Pirate day at school for the first graders was quite a hoot!!! Jenna wore the "Harley Davidson" dress I made her as a sewing experiment. It did look pirate-like with the belt and all. Then, she borrowed Rob's pirate hat from his 80's outfit of the dude from "The Goonies." She is carrying a pirate toy we bought in St. Pete on our pirate cruise... it says, "Aargh, me matey. I bet I'm having more fun than you Aaaaargh!" Cute, huh?

Jenna told her teacher that she wanted to bring her cockatiel, "Cincy" to school to sit upon her shoulder. Her teacher didn't seem to think that was such a great idea. I wonder why?!

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