Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My little man!

Isn't my little man super adorable? Maybe I'm biased, but I sure do think so. These are from his four-year-old pics that a friend did for me. Since turning four, Taesun is way into super-heroes. Batman, Iron Man, and Spiderman are his favorites. He loves his super-hero costume that I made him complete with a cape and eyemask. He prefers to wear it everywhere- even to bed!! He is so much fun to have around. I really enjoy my "Taesun Time." Every Friday, we would have the day together during the school year. We would go out to lunch and play all day. I know he loved the time as much as I did. We are super blessed to have Taesun as part of our family!!

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Dave & Kami said...

ohh my gosh! he is soo stinkin cute and getting soo big. Watch out ladies!

fun pics at the beach. So funny about the Justice spree!