Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is it Batman? Spiderman? Iron Man?

No it's Taesun-man!!! Tae really wanted me to make him a Spiderman costume. I went a step further since Tae also likes Batman. The pattern I got had a mask like Batman and a cape like Batman, but I bought material based on Spiderman. Here's the final project...

He never wants to take it off! If it's in the wash, he is devasted!! If it gets dirty, he wants to still wear it. He is madly in love. Who am I to crush his super-hero dream and tell him that it is really neither Batman or Spiderman?! He's happy.... and so am I!!! Next up- Iron Man costume... maybe even in time for Halloween!!

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Frances said...

You could also take your kid to the computer to check out the Iron Man and Spider-man costumes from CostumeExpress and see which one he prefers.