Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay...for all of those who truly know me- I've always been told that I just love change. I've always disagreed with that because I suppose I thought of that as a bad thing. However, it is not always bad. Just think of what life would be like without change- big and small. Here are the top 5 changes in my life right now.

1) Addison is getting too smart for her own good. We are actually meeting with her teacher tonight to see if she can be tested for the gifted and talented at her school. She is whizzing through her spelling words, her knowledge of government is unreal, and math seems to come very easy to her. The other day we were doing homework and I tried to explain algebra to her. She actually got it! I was amazed.

2) My political involvement...and desire to know more. I have NEVER been into politics. Recently, I have been consumed with Fox News and the upcoming election. My daughter, Addison, is insanely obsessed with Sarah Palin. She is her role model-largely in part to Rob's persuasion.

3) It's Freezing!! I've always been a creature of comfort. Recently we received an ENORMOUS energy bill due to Tae putting the pool heater up to 99 degrees and us not noticing for a few days!! Anyway- because of this we've been trying to keep our electric bill low. To do that- we've been going with no heat. It is maybe 40 degrees outside and still 60 degrees in the Ro house. I know we're crazy, but as long as you bundle up, it's actually kind of nice. The kids all of a sudden became more cuddly. :)

4) Taesun. Enough said. He is growing at alarming rates and just came out of his terrible two's stage, which means I'll never have to go through that again. Sad, but awesome.

5) Relief Society- We recently got a new presidency and I am loving it! Sis. N. is now in and she is wonderful, compassionate, and fun all rolled into one! What a blessing she is to our ward.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is our wordle. Cute, huh?!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I DON"T WANNA!!! here goes the whining. My sister, Whitney was supposed to come down from Dayton to give me a haircut/color today. She had her phone on silent, didn't answer, and when she finally did- she told me that it HAS to be laundry day for her because she has NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR!! Gross me out! Anyway, I also have to do a STUPID open house today which normally I wouldn't mind doing, but check this out...

1) It's a CONDO which has a security door, which means that I have to sit outside in the freezing cold as to not miss anyone who happens to come by. (QUICK SIDENOTE: The house above is obviously not the condo I'll be holding open. It's the closest pic I could find in my files. Actually, it is where we lived in La Grange.)
2) It's been listed for 227 days, which isn't as bad as the real truth...the statistics that only Realtors can see...It's been on the market for like 2 years!
3) Did I mention that it's THURSDAY NIGHT FROM 5-7????? Like anyone is going to come check out an open house in the middle of the week, at dinner time, on like the coldest day of the year so far?! This sucks!

Okay...enough with the whining. I'll get over it. But seriously, I think I'm going into escrow and not touching real estate for quite some time! I'm so burnt out.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Days!!

For one hour every other week, I volunteer at the kids' school, Shirley Mann Elementary. We love this school. It is great! Parental involvement is very high and so are academic scores. The teachers are amazing and the safety of our children is of utmost importance to the staff. What I've been doing at the school is volunteering to help out in the Library. This is of course when students are coming in as a whole class and checking out books, so it can get a little crazy. Overall, I help students check in/out their library books and put books away on the shelves once they are checked in. I am very impressed with the kids overall. They are very polite and respect the adults that are helping out.
Today, after my library help time, I went into Addison's class to give the teacher some forms that needed to go out to the students today. The kids were in centers and were busy, so Mrs. Wetter and I got a chance to talk. She told me that she is in need of a parent to volunteer to do Junior Achievement this year starting in December. I felt the need to help out. I am not sure if I felt pressured or if I just get so excited about the possibility of teaching the students that I just can't resist.
Anyway- what I'll be doing is for one hour/week for 5-6 weeks starting in 2009, I will be teaching Addison's class all about the outside world. Jobs, government, money, etc. I am not sure how qualified I am, but I truly believe in the program and I will get to teach the students! This is like a dream come true!! I think about going back to school once Tae is in full day school, to become a teacher. The only problem is that I am not so keen on the Teacher's Union and how liberal the school system has become. Who knows? Only time will tell what I end up doing. (By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying being home with the kids, so I'm not too eager to prepare to work again.)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Picture Blogging Game

Okay so for this blogging game, you need to post a blog using one of your own pictures. Open My Picture file and choose the fourth folder in there. Then find the fourth picture in that file and post it! Let everyone know where, when, what, and who is in the picture and enjoy!!

MY PICTURE: The above picture was taken in Buckner, KY when Rob and I lived in Oldham County- La Grange to be exact. (Yes, that is where the state pen is...) Addison is in the pink shorts in the background. She played in the 4-5 yr old league through the YMCA. She loved playing and will probably get involved again shortly. Rob actually coached the team and couldn't get enough of all the little kiddos playing soccer....or just plain playing! I was always cheering on the sidelines with Jenna and prego with the Taesun monster!! What fun raising the kids in Oldham County. I miss my friends from there and my real estate career from there as well. It was hoppin!! Hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into our past.

New Pics of Me!!

This is more what I looked like in high school... Same smile, same hair color, etc. (Only 3 babies later:-) )
Here is what I more or less look like now... Glasses, hair pulled back 90% of time, etc.
Question is: Glasses.....
....or contacts? PS: This is my goofy pic- and my hair looks incredibly short here... Oh well. It's all I had to post. Life is pretty boring right now. Don't get me wrong! I am thrilled to have a boring life- finally!! Taesun is crazy as ever, but manageable. Jenna is still a firecracker, but is gone at school for half a day everyday during the week. Addison is starting to get those crazy pre-teen attitude spiffs that constantly need adjusted, but is smart as a whip and loving school!! Rob is BUSY and seems to always be working. When he is not working though, you bet he is either at band practice or spending time with us. He is such a good dad and hubby. I am volunteering at the school, working on the music for the Primary program that is in 3 weeks, and trying to do odd jobs to make some extra cash from home. Also, cleaning the house, laundry, and dishes seem to be taking over any amount of "free time" I may have. I am just thankful that my family is getting old enough to help out around the house now and old enough to do fun activities on the weekend!