Monday, October 27, 2008


Okay...for all of those who truly know me- I've always been told that I just love change. I've always disagreed with that because I suppose I thought of that as a bad thing. However, it is not always bad. Just think of what life would be like without change- big and small. Here are the top 5 changes in my life right now.

1) Addison is getting too smart for her own good. We are actually meeting with her teacher tonight to see if she can be tested for the gifted and talented at her school. She is whizzing through her spelling words, her knowledge of government is unreal, and math seems to come very easy to her. The other day we were doing homework and I tried to explain algebra to her. She actually got it! I was amazed.

2) My political involvement...and desire to know more. I have NEVER been into politics. Recently, I have been consumed with Fox News and the upcoming election. My daughter, Addison, is insanely obsessed with Sarah Palin. She is her role model-largely in part to Rob's persuasion.

3) It's Freezing!! I've always been a creature of comfort. Recently we received an ENORMOUS energy bill due to Tae putting the pool heater up to 99 degrees and us not noticing for a few days!! Anyway- because of this we've been trying to keep our electric bill low. To do that- we've been going with no heat. It is maybe 40 degrees outside and still 60 degrees in the Ro house. I know we're crazy, but as long as you bundle up, it's actually kind of nice. The kids all of a sudden became more cuddly. :)

4) Taesun. Enough said. He is growing at alarming rates and just came out of his terrible two's stage, which means I'll never have to go through that again. Sad, but awesome.

5) Relief Society- We recently got a new presidency and I am loving it! Sis. N. is now in and she is wonderful, compassionate, and fun all rolled into one! What a blessing she is to our ward.

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Kristie said...

Hey, is there a gifted and talented thing at our school? I was told that they don't do that until 4th. If there is let me know because I would need to get Weston into it! Oh and I just LOVE our new RS presidency!!!!! We haven't turned our heat on either. :)