Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Days!!

For one hour every other week, I volunteer at the kids' school, Shirley Mann Elementary. We love this school. It is great! Parental involvement is very high and so are academic scores. The teachers are amazing and the safety of our children is of utmost importance to the staff. What I've been doing at the school is volunteering to help out in the Library. This is of course when students are coming in as a whole class and checking out books, so it can get a little crazy. Overall, I help students check in/out their library books and put books away on the shelves once they are checked in. I am very impressed with the kids overall. They are very polite and respect the adults that are helping out.
Today, after my library help time, I went into Addison's class to give the teacher some forms that needed to go out to the students today. The kids were in centers and were busy, so Mrs. Wetter and I got a chance to talk. She told me that she is in need of a parent to volunteer to do Junior Achievement this year starting in December. I felt the need to help out. I am not sure if I felt pressured or if I just get so excited about the possibility of teaching the students that I just can't resist.
Anyway- what I'll be doing is for one hour/week for 5-6 weeks starting in 2009, I will be teaching Addison's class all about the outside world. Jobs, government, money, etc. I am not sure how qualified I am, but I truly believe in the program and I will get to teach the students! This is like a dream come true!! I think about going back to school once Tae is in full day school, to become a teacher. The only problem is that I am not so keen on the Teacher's Union and how liberal the school system has become. Who knows? Only time will tell what I end up doing. (By the way, I am thoroughly enjoying being home with the kids, so I'm not too eager to prepare to work again.)

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Nicole said...

Sounds like a fun opportunity. I hope someday I can have less time at work and more time to be involved with Rosie's life and school.