Thursday, October 16, 2008

I DON"T WANNA!!! here goes the whining. My sister, Whitney was supposed to come down from Dayton to give me a haircut/color today. She had her phone on silent, didn't answer, and when she finally did- she told me that it HAS to be laundry day for her because she has NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR!! Gross me out! Anyway, I also have to do a STUPID open house today which normally I wouldn't mind doing, but check this out...

1) It's a CONDO which has a security door, which means that I have to sit outside in the freezing cold as to not miss anyone who happens to come by. (QUICK SIDENOTE: The house above is obviously not the condo I'll be holding open. It's the closest pic I could find in my files. Actually, it is where we lived in La Grange.)
2) It's been listed for 227 days, which isn't as bad as the real truth...the statistics that only Realtors can see...It's been on the market for like 2 years!
3) Did I mention that it's THURSDAY NIGHT FROM 5-7????? Like anyone is going to come check out an open house in the middle of the week, at dinner time, on like the coldest day of the year so far?! This sucks!

Okay...enough with the whining. I'll get over it. But seriously, I think I'm going into escrow and not touching real estate for quite some time! I'm so burnt out.


Jessica and Street Russell said...

Stacy! your house in la grange hasnt sold yet? holy cow! how much are you selling it for

gina said...

that doesn't sound like much fun. you a trooper!