Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newsflash- I can sew!

Thanks to my friends, Kristie Yorke and Ashley Smith- I too can sew!! I just LOVE it!! Actually, please don't come over to my house right now, because all else has been put on hold until I finish just one more pair of pj pants for Jenna. Crazy me!! I actually thought my dad would enjoy a homemade pair of pj pants for his 60th birthday. I worked tirelessly to create the perfect pj's for him. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that when the pattern swears that I should use patterns 6 and 7, it doesn't tell me that there are TWO patterns labeled 6 and 7!! I ended up finding the PERFECT pattern for my dad... Golf balls and golf tees plastered on bright green fabric... perfect for the pj pants. Unfortunately, they now belong to my 7 yr old, Addi! I used the child's pattern and they fit her perfect.

Totally stressed out with less than 24 hours to go until the reveal... I found pin stripe lt. blue and navy fabric which I then FINALLY found the ADULT pattern and successfully (or semi-successfully) sewed the pj's. Here is the final result... not too pleasing... the waist is about 2 1/2 inches to tall and the pattern looks like clown pants. Oh well- a daughter's love continues as I fix the pants so they are not soooo embarrasing.

I even got creative enough to come up with a "designer name" for myself for all my projects. My dad used to call me "Roonie"- because my middle name is Renee. So- I chose "Roonie Ro". My dad said, "Who's Ronny Ro?" which I corrected immediately to Roooooonie. He then asked why I put designed by Roonie Ro and I let him know that I MADE the pants. He was quite impressed. Here is what the packaging looked like...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The funniest TRUE story ever....

Okay- so Rob has been out of town now for 5 days and we still have 2 to go. That really doesn't bother me so much. It is just the fact that I have had alot going on the past five days. So when the below story happened this morning... I just thought, "What else?". Enjoy!!

Palin, our newest member of our family, (a 5 month Golden Retriever,) has a pinch collar on so we can train her and correct her if she is doing something we don't allow. Ex) biting, chewing shoes, chewing pillows, chewing Boo, etc.

This morning as I was putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, Palin decided it would be fun to lick the dishes. Normally I wouldn't have been bothered too bad since they were dirty anyway, but she kept on moving my dishes all around and it was hard to load the dishwasher. I smacked her little nose and told her to get away from the dishes. Then the fun really began. She moved back quickly and unfortunately her pinch collar was stuck on the dishwasher bottom rack. She continued to yelp as she threw the rack (including all my dishes and silverware) all around the kitchen. She hit cabinet after cabinet trying to find a way to shake off the rack. I frantically ran after her in hopes of saving my dishwasher rack and dishes. I finally noticed what had happened and that she was stuck. I got the collar off the rack and just hopped over to a chair as quickly as I could. I really had to bite my tongue. You see- when the rack came flying out of the dishwasher, it landed on my big toe. Then it ripped off my upper part of my toenail leaving it to bleed under the nail. Talk about pain!!! I swear this should be a scene out of that new movie "Marley and Me" which I still haven't seen. (I hear it is a major tearjearker though.) For those who have seen the movie, let me know... Would this scene fit in?

Now I am sitting here with ice on my toe and pretty sure that it is broken. Crazy morning, eh?


It is official. I am NOT pregnant. I really think the headaches are coming from my birth control patches. Who knows?! I am finding out results of the CT scan on Monday. I'll keep this posted. I'm sure everything is fine...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prego or Brain Tumor???

Alright, so this post might sound scary...but I know everything will be okay. I've had some WEIRD medical symptoms lately that may or may not be linked together. I went to the doctor and she told me that they sounded like classic pregnancy symptoms. Now, anyone who knows us well knows that we are DONE having children. I used to want one more and Rob just thought three was perfect. Now with Taesun all into everything, I am okay with three as well. So- back to the story...

My primary care dr did a urine test at her office and it turned out negative. Then, she referred me to a Gastrointestinal Dr who I met with earlier this week. He told me that it sounded like I was pregnant!! I took another urine test and it came back negative. I am going today for a blood test and will post results later. Can you believe it? There may be another Ro baby trying to come down to our family? What's up with that?! Talk about shock... it's an understatement. If I were to be pregnant it would definitely be lousy timing. There would be a 4 yr gap between Tae and a little one. Also, Tae gets to go to preschool in March which means that I will finally have all my little kiddos in school for half a day. Wouldn't it be just that way to be prego?

Back to the brain tumor... It's probably tacky to put it this way, but I did research online about headaches that last a long time. (I am going on 22 days with a headache.) With all my other symptoms, it sounds like it could be a brain tumor. I do a CT scan on Thursday. I am not at all worried. My body does weird stuff all the time because of my thyroid problems. I'm sure it is just my hormones out of wack due to thyroid imbalance. But it sure is scary!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy V-Day to everyone out there!! We are so blessed. Rob and Taesun began our day letting me sleep in until 8:45am!! Then they were off to the store. When they returned, they brought gifts for all the Ro ladies. The girls each got a rose plant and a cute card signed by the Ro boys. I received an Azalea plant and two cards- one from my sweet hubby who commented on how he loves the mother and wife that I have become AND one from my sweet little boy who thanked me and told me that he wouldn't trade me for scratch that... he wouldn't trade me for EVERYTHING. Cute, huh?! I just love Valentine's Day. It makes me all tingly inside...CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Happened to Us??????

I Know What You Did Last Winter....

That's how I feel I should start out my return to the blogging world. What a joke...posting the Halloween pics next week...

Okay, so it's been awhile. I get it. Sorry to anyone who follows my blog. What a crazy life I lead.

The most recent change in our family is the addition of a new puppy, Palin. She is a golden retriever who is now 4 months old. She is bigger than Boo, our beagle now. Overall, she is a good dog. She does like to bark at night when Rob and I are watching TV which really sets us off.

Also- on January 18,2009, Taesun hit his head on a banister upstairs while playing tug of war with Addison. It was no different than any other bonk we've seen. I guess it was mother's intuition when I knew something was wrong. I showed up to church late that day with a pack of ice and a bit relieved after speaking to the dr on call who told me not to worry. If he developed other symptoms, then I needed to take him to the ER. Otherwise, it should be fine.

Fast forward to TWO days later... yes a whopping 48 hrs later, he threw up while I was taking the girls to the bus stop. He just laid there in his puke and I knew to call the dr. They saw us right away and sent us to St. Elizabeth to get a CT scan. Once at St. E's and after the scan, I was told OVER THE PHONE, that my son had a fractured skull, a 2 mm depression in his skull, and a subdermal hematoba, which is a blood clot in his brain. We were sent to Children's Hospital in Cincy and sat there for 6 hrs. They sent us home with orders to watch him extremely carefully. After two agonizing weeks we had the second CT scan last Saturday where I found out that everything looks "normal". He still suffers from a bunch of post-concussive symptoms which really suck! He is much more aggresive and has a very short attention span. He also has a VERY hard time falling asleep and has been in our bed for over two weeks now. I am going crazy... however, I am very fortunate to still have our little boy with us!!