Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prego or Brain Tumor???

Alright, so this post might sound scary...but I know everything will be okay. I've had some WEIRD medical symptoms lately that may or may not be linked together. I went to the doctor and she told me that they sounded like classic pregnancy symptoms. Now, anyone who knows us well knows that we are DONE having children. I used to want one more and Rob just thought three was perfect. Now with Taesun all into everything, I am okay with three as well. So- back to the story...

My primary care dr did a urine test at her office and it turned out negative. Then, she referred me to a Gastrointestinal Dr who I met with earlier this week. He told me that it sounded like I was pregnant!! I took another urine test and it came back negative. I am going today for a blood test and will post results later. Can you believe it? There may be another Ro baby trying to come down to our family? What's up with that?! Talk about shock... it's an understatement. If I were to be pregnant it would definitely be lousy timing. There would be a 4 yr gap between Tae and a little one. Also, Tae gets to go to preschool in March which means that I will finally have all my little kiddos in school for half a day. Wouldn't it be just that way to be prego?

Back to the brain tumor... It's probably tacky to put it this way, but I did research online about headaches that last a long time. (I am going on 22 days with a headache.) With all my other symptoms, it sounds like it could be a brain tumor. I do a CT scan on Thursday. I am not at all worried. My body does weird stuff all the time because of my thyroid problems. I'm sure it is just my hormones out of wack due to thyroid imbalance. But it sure is scary!!!


Kristie said...

I hope that you find something out soon! Keep me posted. I had lots of continuous headaches in high school, and it ended up just being sleep deprevation. Hopefully yours isn't something bad!!!

Dave & Kami said...

We would love to see another Ro running around. you guys have the cutest kids!!