Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Track" part deux

Bumper boats were a huge hit. They had squirters on them. We were literally soaking each other left and right! It was a blast! Jenna rode with Mommy the first time around and Daddy the second time around. These carts had two steering wheels, (one dummy wheel for the kids and an operating wheel for the adults). Jenna and Taesun absolutely LOVED being able to "drive" the carts.
This was Addison's first experience with driving AT ALL!!! She was a complete rockstar though. No problems with the driving and she was loving every minute. Afterwards, she was complaining of her wrists hurting. We found out that she was gripping the steering wheel so hard that she was sore from it! Funny girl!

There were two lines at the go-karts. One for single drivers and the other for double go-kart drivers. Addison was in line by herself and the guy working the go-karts opened the gate and held his hand out to get her tickets. Addison didn't remember she had tickets to give to him and instead, gave him a high-five. We laughed hysterically. She will never live that one down. She seriously cracked us up.

The Track (part 1)

We decided to take the kids to a family fun center called, "The Track." There was go-karts, mini-golf, little rides, bumper boats, and bumper cars there, (as well as an arcade which we didn't go near). Here are the kids before we started playing mini-golf. They are so cute posing with their clubs. While we were there, Taesun found the Batmobile. He insisted on us taking a picture of him riding where Batman may have sat. He did not, however, ask us for a quarter to ride on it. Hee hee!!!
This was the first thing the kids saw as we approached "The Track" and they just had to pile up for a picture!!

Fudpuckers and Gator Beach

This was a fun restaurant named, "Fudpuckers." We went there for lunch one day. At this particular location, they had a free gator beach where you can see over 80 alligators including an albino alligator that they had for a short period of time until it tours elsewhere. This was supposed to be the reason we went to the restaurant to begin with, but after a full belly, Taesun decided that he needed a nap and passed out on us while eating his fries. We never made it to the gator beach, but we had so much fun at the regular beach that we didn't even miss it!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gulfarium Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

I know these posts are late, but we've been having a lot of fun around here! No time for blogging. I hope you enjoy these pictures of our Easter Egg Hunt 2010 at my parents' house. They always do the egg hunt on the deck outside. I guess that all started when the kids were little and we tried to make it easier on them. Now maybe next year we'll actually use the woods in their backyard and make it REALLY HARD.