Thursday, April 22, 2010

"The Track" part deux

Bumper boats were a huge hit. They had squirters on them. We were literally soaking each other left and right! It was a blast! Jenna rode with Mommy the first time around and Daddy the second time around. These carts had two steering wheels, (one dummy wheel for the kids and an operating wheel for the adults). Jenna and Taesun absolutely LOVED being able to "drive" the carts.
This was Addison's first experience with driving AT ALL!!! She was a complete rockstar though. No problems with the driving and she was loving every minute. Afterwards, she was complaining of her wrists hurting. We found out that she was gripping the steering wheel so hard that she was sore from it! Funny girl!

There were two lines at the go-karts. One for single drivers and the other for double go-kart drivers. Addison was in line by herself and the guy working the go-karts opened the gate and held his hand out to get her tickets. Addison didn't remember she had tickets to give to him and instead, gave him a high-five. We laughed hysterically. She will never live that one down. She seriously cracked us up.