Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off to the Beach....

So, it's almost time. We've lived here for about a month now and are ready to finally go on a vacation. It is good timing since the kids start school here on August 8th! I am super excited to try a new vacation spot.... Tybee Island, GA. We are only four hours from there and if it is nice, I can just imagine it now...

The kids have a three day weekend? Rob has some time of work? My parents are coming to visit and want to go to the beach? I am sick of all the crap when it comes to moving?

Well then.... Let's Go To The Beach!!!

Sorry. I'm a bit excited if you couldn't tell. We bought these cute Nautica beach chairs for Rob and I and a matching beach umbrella at Sams Club at quite a good deal! They are sitting in my garage collecting dust as we speak. Time to dust those suckers off and drag them to Tybee! 

{{{On a side note:}}} I have started taking classes at The Photography Institute online. I have already competed Module 1 and am working ahead of schedule. It feels great to be learning. I can't wait to practice what I've learned thus far at the beach this weekend. Maybe if you are lucky, I'll share some on here as well. Just depends on what they turn out like. I don't want to share the goods until they are perfected, ya know?! 

{{{On another side note:}}} Can you believe that one season of soccer for three kids is costing me over $500?!?!?!? What has this world come to? Is everyone related to Donald Trump or Bill Gates? That's the only way I can understand why we haven't revolted as a community yet. Aye,yi, yi!! (That check actually hurt to write!) 

Happy Trails and Until We Meet Again...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Babysitters Anywhere?

Man, it is hard to find babysitters in Atlanta!! It seems that there are no young women in our ward that babysit. So, to the outskirts we go. In search of someone reliable to watch our precious children as we try to keep our relationship alive through dating... 

The problem is that I'm so exhausted just with trying to find a babysitter that I am probably going to need a nap before I even leave the house tonight!! Moving can be sooo rough. Ugh!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bug Control!!

The exterminators came yesterday. We have lots of deep woods in our backyard, so bugs are inevitable. Also with the 90'+ weather we always have in the summer here, bugs are constantly trying to find a water source... which ends up in my home. Anyway- the exterminators were called for an ant problem in the kitchen. I have kept my kitchen (and rest of the house) immaculate, so no reason for the ants. Unfortunately they followed me to Georgia and tried to take root in my kitchen. Less than 24 hours after the bug man sprayed, I woke up to this lovely creature in my home. We just got ADT installed and up and running, so I was under the assumption that I was "safe" while Rob is out of town with his new job. Boy was I wrong. This guy looks dead, right? We sure thought so. I decided that there was no way in Haities that I was going to pick up this sucker with a napkin, so I thought the vacuum would do the trick. Well, I'll-be-darned if this ginormous monster started flipping over and trying to run towards me. There I was- armed with the vacuum in hand- and I was being "attacked" by this monster bug that was less than one foot from my bed! The girls were in my bathroom at the moment and I later had to apologize for the obscenities I began to scream as I attempted to decimate this creature. The vacuum was barely strong enough for this sucker. It took multiple strokes with the cleaner to suck him up. All I can say is... "Rob, please come home!!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We've Moved!!!

This past week we drove a total of 21 hours (two trips to Atlanta and back,)unloaded two truck-loads, bought a new piano, new minivan, new grill, new bedding for guests, and finally are excited to say....

We love it here so far. My parents came down with Lindsay on Friday afternoon. We have been busy sightseeing and getting to know our community. We went swimming at our own private club, went downtown to visit the World of Coca-Cola Museum (which meant taking the MARTA-our public rail system,) and went to the movies. Atlanta is HOT, but beautiful!! Everywhere you go there are the most beautiful crepe myrtles in full bloom, landscaping to die for, bermuda grass, friendly drivers, golf courses, Korean restaurants, and much more. The kids absolutely LOVE having their own rooms again and this time they each have their own bathroom as well. Frankly- I love the whole house, but have to say that taking a jacuzzi in the new bathtub was AMAZING! It is HUGE! The parents left just this morning and as soon as I said "Goodbye" to my mom, I bawled like a baby. I hate goodbyes!! The funniest part is that we will probably see them before the end of this year. Oh well... Like mother, like daughter.