Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We've Moved!!!

This past week we drove a total of 21 hours (two trips to Atlanta and back,)unloaded two truck-loads, bought a new piano, new minivan, new grill, new bedding for guests, and finally are excited to say....

We love it here so far. My parents came down with Lindsay on Friday afternoon. We have been busy sightseeing and getting to know our community. We went swimming at our own private club, went downtown to visit the World of Coca-Cola Museum (which meant taking the MARTA-our public rail system,) and went to the movies. Atlanta is HOT, but beautiful!! Everywhere you go there are the most beautiful crepe myrtles in full bloom, landscaping to die for, bermuda grass, friendly drivers, golf courses, Korean restaurants, and much more. The kids absolutely LOVE having their own rooms again and this time they each have their own bathroom as well. Frankly- I love the whole house, but have to say that taking a jacuzzi in the new bathtub was AMAZING! It is HUGE! The parents left just this morning and as soon as I said "Goodbye" to my mom, I bawled like a baby. I hate goodbyes!! The funniest part is that we will probably see them before the end of this year. Oh well... Like mother, like daughter. 


Bjarnsons said...

So glad that you are all settled! It sounds like you LOVE your new place and Atlanta. :)

Vudochki said...

I've been out of the blog scene for awhile and just saw you moved! My best friend from high school and his family live down there and some friends from our ward here in MA moved down there. They all say it's hot, but they all love it!