Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miami, Baby!!

Rob asked the family today if we wanted to go up to Miami University where he went to school. We all agreed to go and were so glad we did! First thing we did was eat at Skippers Pub. Rob used to work there in college and the manager still remembered him by name. They have the yummiest honey mustard I've ever tasted!! Everyone was filled to the brim with delicious food so we decided to go to the University Bookstore and buy sweatshirts since it was sooo cold outside. Taesun fell in love with the hat too!!
 We stopped by the Goggin Ice Arena where the Miami Redhawks Ice Hockey team plays. They had open skating and since none of my kids had ever been, we decided to go. Taesun was super scared when he got his shoes on. He was backing away from Rob and was honestly terrified. The girls were excited. I decided that I would go with the kids since it would be better for me to get hurt than for Rob to get hurt. (He is the major breadwinner, ya know?!) I was also petrified since I hadn't been on the ice in over 20 years! I did great and so did the kids. Once Tae saw that we could hold on to the walls, he was excited to get out there and try it. He did really well as long as he was holding onto the walls! Jenna ended up doing awesome and going out into the middle of the rink! She loved it! Addison was doing well, but had a couple BIG falls and was quite sore in the end. The thing I love about Addison is that when something doesn't come easy to her, she tries and tries again until she gets it!!
 Here is Taesun's "Iron Man" face. He does it all the time. No really- ALL THE TIME! We were glad to get it on camera so we can show him these pics when he grows up!!
 With all the beautiful scenery nearby, we got some great shots of the kids. Here is one of my favorites!!
 We actually got to see the collegiate ice skating teams perform. They look great here, but in person...not so great. Pretty boring actually. Rob and I coaxed the kids to leave in the middle of the performance. They complied!!
 We kept asking Addison if she wanted to go to Miami University when she grows up and she definitely does! We thought this picture looked like she was all grown up and ready for college. Sloooowww Dooowwnn, Addi!! We're not quite ready for this yet!
 If you can see what I'm holding in my hand, it is quite possibly the largest leaf I've ever seen! Jenna found it and we wanted to document it. It was literally twice the size of Jenna's head. Insane!!!
 Since we were still there at dinnertime, Rob asked if we wanted to eat at the dining hall he used to eat at in school. We all thought it would be a fun experience. It was!! The kids got a kick out of the chocolate milk machine with endless chocolate milk to drink. We topped the meal off with ice cream!! What a great end to a terrific Saturday as a family!
Great idea to go to Miami University today, Rob!! We really want to go back soon. We love you!!


ash and ry said...

I saw these pics on Facebook and were wondering what you guys had been doing lately. So fun!

Bill and Freddie Ann said...

WOW! Looks like you all had a fun time! I can't believe how much your kiddos have grown! I guess they all do don't they?!? Looks like you have a wonderful family! Nice to drop in on you again!