Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, the kids had a storybook character parade. Jenna went as Fancy Nancy and Addison went as a 'mom' from the book that she and two of her friends, Sarah and Amanda wrote last year in class. They looked super cute and thoroughly enjoyed their day!!
 We bought vampire teeth for Tae and Jenna to wear around the house. In this picture, Jenna's hair was up in curlers for the night. Since Rob took the kids out to dinner we put the scarf around her head. Sometimes the kids really do love each other!!
 On Halloween morning, the kids woke up early and made Rob and I breakfast in bed. They used candy they collected from the night before at the Trunk or Treat at our church to decorate the plate. The cute little guy in the middle is an Ego waffle with apple pieces cut up to look like a face. In the bowl are the remainding apple pieces to munch on. The peace sign and other decorations on here are made from play-dough. I just love how creative the kids are!!
 For our church's annual "Trunk or Treat," we allowed our kids to bring some friends from school. Jenna decided to invite Midori and Minami, (her Japanese friends from school). Minami's brother, Keito wanted to come too.
 Addison invited three friends. Elizabeth, Amanda, and Sarah came. They were so cute. Everyone had a super-fun time!!
Also- the kids ended up getting grounded from Trick or Treat this year. They went to the church activity the night before, so they didn't really care all too much. Hopefully they will realize that going Trick-or-Treating is a privilege and NOT something they are entitled to. Next year will definitely be better!! (We still had fun though..)

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