Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stacey's Sewing Fun!!

Sew- (HA HA!!) I wanted to share with my readers my latest adventure. I still enjoy my books and my cooking experiments, but my latest craze has been a lot of sewing projects right in time for Christmas. I have wanted to make an apron for some time now. So, you can imagine that when my sewing machine's tension broke, I was highly upset!! It was going to cost a lot of money to fix, so I persuaded Rob to let me purchase a new machine. My old machine was just that- OLD!! It was a gift from a professional seamstress and it worked great but with modern technology, I was due for a new one. Rob agreed and I got a new Singer machine from Target that works great! It was the last one on the shelf too. Lucky me!! I finished my apron with no real problems and alot faster than it would have been if I was using my old machine. I am sooo proud of myself. Next up- presents for the kids. Hint: they're warm and fuzzy and worn at night... Stay tuned!!

Terry's Turf Club

The Ro Family had an awesome Saturday last weekend. Rob had heard of a restaraunt that was supposedly awesome. It is famous for it's burgers which are known for their large-ness. (I know that's not really a word... Work with me!) We were pleasantly surprised to drive up to this eclectic mess of a restaraunt that was smaller than my living room space. Only a handful of tables, a bar, and lots of quirky signs and stuff to look at. As you can see in the pics, we all enjoyed the peanuts they served when you walked in the door. The kids even got to throw the shells all over the ground. It was covered with shells! The burgers were amazing. (Probably the best burger I've ever had!!) I highly recommend this place. Expect a wait though. On a Saturday afternoon around 1:30-2pm, we had a 30 minute wait. We didn't mind though since there was so much to look at outside! All together- a fabulous day!!

Temple Recommend Interview

While at my bishop's office getting my temple recommend interview done, Tae got into my purse, grabbed the camera, and started shooting pics of me. I guess he was proud that I was getting my recommend:)

Halloween Trunk or Treat

Here are the girls at the ward "Trunk Or Treat." Addi was a witch, Jenna a skeleton girl, and Addi brought her bestie, Marlee. She was an actress. Fun, huh? They looked so cute!

This is how I found Taesun one day...

Sitting in his room with the cable line hooked into the toy chest, with a telephone for a remote sitting on top of a laundry basket. He informed me he was watching TV in his room. At least he knew that he had to plug in the cable first:)

Tae's Halloween Costume

Tae has recently become obsessed with Star Wars. For Hallowen this year, we decided he should be Darth Vadar. He calls it, "Dark Mater" like from Cars. Crazy kid!!

Mismatch Day at School...or NOT?

Addi and Jenna swore up and down a few months back that it was "Mismatch Day" at school on Friday. They said it was on the announcements and they were absolutely going to do it!!! So, Friday morning came and they figured out their outfits by themselves. They looked absolutely hideous!! I couldn't believe kids were actually going to school dressed like that, but okay, whatever, right? So the day progresses and the kids come home from school. They then inform me that it was only "Mismatch Day" for the fourth graders...not the whole school. Being as though they are in 1st and 2nd grade...they were completely embarrased. Oh well... they learned their lesson. Enjoy the pics taken before school!!

Farm Haven Playgroup Pics

I know these are horribly late, but better late than never, right? At our church, we have a playgroup that meets on Fridays around 10am. It is a lot of fun getting together and socializing while our little ones talk/play together. One of my fondest times at playgroup was when we took a field trip to a local farm, Farm Haven. So much fun!! We saw lots of animals, played in a hay tunnel/house, picked pumpkins, went on a hayride, fed huge cows, pet horses, and walked through a corn maze that was incredibly long and terribly confusing. Seriously, one of the best corn mazes around. I begged Rob to take me on a date there just the two of us so we could get lost in the corn maze together, but he thought it was a stupid just Tae and I experienced it from our family. Here are some shots of the farm. I hope you enjoy!! (PS: The best part of all of this was that it was hours of entertainment for only $8/person!!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Moon and My Mama my mom is seriously OBSESSED with Twilight!! I got her hooked on it when I practically had to force her to read the series. Within weeks, she had read all 4 novels. Previous to that, she probably hadn't read anything in years. She fell in love with vampires of all sorts. She even got me hooked on another series called "House of Night" by P.C. Cast. All this from a woman who wouldn't let me watch scary movies all growing up... Since Twilight came out on film, she saw the movie in the theaters at least 15 times. No joke! Then, she proceeded to buy some kind of book that was a movie companion guide with all kinds of pictures. She owns Twilight on DVD and has probably watched that DVD at least 35 more times. So, you could imagine how excited she is to go see "New Moon" in a few weeks. We planned a night out with dinner at Dewey's Pizza at the Levee and then on to see "New Moon". I'm sure it will be a blast. It's just funny that Twilight is what my mom and I bond over.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This is my favorite time of year. I just love the southern style Thanksgiving meal. Lots of butter, gravy, skin of the turkey, HOME-MADE mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, apple pie a la mode, broccoli casserole, rolls, etc. Yum, YUM!! My fondest memories of Thanksgiving are going to Virginia to visit friends and family. I remember playing basketball with my cousins and uncles on Thanksgiving day. I remember seeing my cousins and Uncle Tom coming home in their camo-gear from hunting deer on Thanksgiving afternoon. We usually ate around 2pm and then watched the football game afterwards followed by basketball outside. All my mom's side came to Aunt Bonny and Uncle Tom's house. They live out in the country a bit and have only 1 bathroom. Rob always says he can't believe we can have 25+ people in one house with only one bathroom!! But it always seemed to work alright. I remember always going to a movie with my family and their friends on Thanksgiving night. Friday night was always the night my parents went out with their friends and the kids were left at home with the older kids to babysit. It was fun. We always made our own fun whether it would be from playing "beauty salon" or having a "dance recital." I have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving. Another memory is of my sisters and I staying the night at Aunt KK's (Kelleigh) apartment. Her roommate was Aunt Donna and no they weren't "together." They were just buddies that are still friends to this very day. Even though Aunt KK is a mom of two and married now, I still secretly wish that we could have sleepovers still and stay up late watching "Dirty Dancing" and eating pizza and popcorn. Shopping was always a must on Friday after Thanksgiving. That is when my mom always made us stand in line to get our picture with Santa. Today, she displays all those pictures at Christmas time. (Wow, isn't that embarrasing...being 12 and on Santa's lap!!)

This year, we will be going to Rob's hometown of Canfield, OH to Thanksgiving. He is having a 15 year class reunion the Friday after and so, we will be having Thanksgiving lunch on Friday and celebrating "Christmas" with his folks on Thanksgiving. Kinda mixed up and definitely not what I'm used to, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What to do about Christmas?

So, this year Rob and I decided that we were going to take our Christmas budget and spend it on a trip to Florida with the kids. We are excited to go, but don't know which "fun place" we should spend money on. What do you think? DisneyWorld-Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios- Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, Epcot? We really have no clue. We only want to go to one of these. Most of our time will be spent at the beach, enjoying each other, and having fun building sand castles and cooking as a family. I'd LOVE any suggestions you may have!!