Friday, July 25, 2008


Cute pictures of Taesun!!Enjoy!

My baby girl, Addison, went to school on a bus by herself last year for the first time. I was so proud of her. She was fearless. Also, she was sooooo cute! We can't wait to send Jenna to school with her this year! Stay posted...

This is by far my favorite picture of Taesun and his Daddy! These are chocolate "pirouttes". (candies) Rob gave Taesun one, and pretended to light it with a match. Ha Ha Ha!!!

My little man, Taesun, is so great. He is adorable in every picture we take of him. Look at those glasses! Also, look how much his sisters love him. Even though we may have sibling rivalry like most families do... they are all pretty well-behaved!

Jenna and Addison's Preschool Graduation

My cute little girls were so adorable in their preschool graduation. They attended Anchorage Presbyterian Preschool in Anchorage, KY. It was a small town that was loaded with parents with money. That was a different environment for Rob and I. We did choose that school based on their curriculum and staff. It far outweighed other local preschools. Also shown here is a great little family picture when we still live in Louisville.

Addi's b-day

These are pictures of Addison's 5th birthday! It's hard to believe that was our last birthday of hers in Louisville! We had so much fun there! We still miss our friends, but hopefully we will go down to visit soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our little man's crazy hair!!

So, at three months old, this is what ALL my kiddos looked like. The only difference with Jenna was that she was much more petite. Also, notice the pouty look that Tae is giving the camera? That is the official "Stacey Pout". Big bottom lip and lots of puppy eyes. At least they look like me when they pout, right?

Addison's first year preschool play

At the end of the year, all the preschool kids put on an animal play and you guessed it, Addison was a duck. Cute, huh?! We thought so. She was so shy, but she pulled through it. I got her dressed that day for school. We were running sooo late and I knew that I had to get Taesun fed before we got there so he wouldn't be screaming the whole time. I ended up dressing her in her younger sister's shirt! It was so tight. Rob had to inform me because I didn't even notice! It's crazy what motherhood will do to your brain!

Jenna...the littlest goofball!

Check out some of these faces! Miss Jenna-Benna, (as we like to call her) has always made us laugh. She comes up with the funniest faces and sayings you'd ever hear. Sometimes we have to ask God for help now for when she becomes a teenager. She'll be quite the handfull, ( and the knockout!)

I think one of the most important things I've ever done in life was marry Rob and have our sweet children. We do make a pretty good looking family,huh?! Also pictured is Rob's mom, Linda. We love when they get to come visit and see the kids!

So, these are more pictures of us at the hospital. The girls sure do love their baby brother! Also pictured are my dad, Ross,my mom, Sharman, and my sister, Whitney.

My sweet baby, Taesun Evan Ro came into the world on March 14, 2006. He is so loveable and wonderful to have as part of our family. There aren't too many pictures of Rob on my blog, so enjoy one while you can... Taesun is spelled unique for a reason. His name is pronounced "Tyson", but since he is half Korean, we decided to have the same spelling as his Grandfather's name which is Tae. When I was pregnant and finally decided on a name for him, Grandpa Ro said to spell it with a "sun" at the end because he'll be the light of his life. Cute, huh?! I couldn't resist.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

These are our best friends, Bryan and Chelsie Waldmann. They got married right before New Years 2006. They are such a great couple. We love to hang out and play cards, talk, or do just about anything. Whenever we're with them we are having fun! They just had a little baby boy named Madden Wray Waldmann and we are just thrilled for them. In the above pictures, we took care of their breakfast the morning they got married in the temple. The "cake" was made of towels and ribbon. Cute, huh?! I saw it on internet. I also provided breakfast for their family members and friends that met them in the temple. Then we went to a small family restaraunt for lunch. The whole day was awesome. We are very lucky to have friends like the Waldmann's. 2005

Here are some pics of me being pregnant with Taesun, Rob before Taesun, and JJ and Addi being all cute before their little bro came along to torture them.