Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is the latest project at the Ro house. Jenna wants to have a "Butterfly Bash Luau" this year for her birthday in June. Since we have the pool, we always do some kind of pool party. This year her thing is butterflies. The internet has some superb ideas for birthday parties. Just google what type of party you are looking to throw and have fun reading the results. (aka: google- butterfly birthday party) Jenna and I made these invitations by ourselves. They took some time since we had to cut out individual pieces for each card. We wrote the invites on the back of the butterfly. Hopefully Jenna will have a lot of friends at her party this year. I know she'll be excited to have a party just for her. It is hard being the middle child sometimes. I guess that is why I decided to go all out this year. The butterflies that are in a flower pot are going to be centerpieces. I am going to make... YES...I SAID MAKE a butterfly cake and also a caterpillar cupcake cake to go alongside it. I found a website from Betty Crocker that actually teaches you how to make a butterfly cake and it doesn't look TOO hard. We'll see though!! The other picture that shows multiple butterflies are going to turn into hairbows. I am going to attempt to make these as part of the giveaways. We will also be giving out leis for the "luau" part, and will be making butterfly magnets to take home. I hope JJ has a good birthday!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taesun's Surgery

Everyt zhing went great today during Tae's surgery!! He was obsessed with the breathing mask! He absolutely loved it since it smelled like bubble gum. Funny thing is...I saw how they made it smell like bubble gum. Guess what they used?


Lip Smackers! How funny is that?! Pictures will follow in the next post. He looked so brave in his gown, hat, and slippers. What a big boy I have! Dr. Gutoskwi scoped his nose to make sure there were no posterior problems in his nostrils, adenoids, etc. No nodules or growths there!! Tae has to stay home today and needs to take it easy for the next two weeks. I have to keep his nostrils moisterized with triple antibiotic ointment at least two times daily. Thanks to all those who have kept us in your prayers this week. I truly have felt the love!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Addison Update Part Two

My goofy daughter, Addison, is going through a lot of pain lately. She had an appointment with Childrens Hospital GI Clinic today and met with a resident and an attending doctor. Both were amazing women who I admire. They reinforced our decision that Addison is really in pain. She is not trying to milk it or get out of doing something. We have good friends from Indiana whose husband had something similar to what Addison is suffering from. She had some sort of bacteria that got to her intestines/colon. It caused an "open wound" which feels like pouring salt on a flesh wound each time her bowels move. To heal "normally", it will take 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not heal completely and turns into chronic IBS. To say the least, we go back for another physical, blood tests galore, and an endoscopic upper and lower GI scope. She will have to be put under for this procedure so it will be sometime after her physical on 6/9. Crazy, huh?! Just say some prayers for my baby girl that this doesn't turn into chronic IBS. She would have to live with that for the rest of her life!! Boo Hoo!

Time to get some R and R before tomorrow's surgery for Tae. Keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taesun Updates

Taesun had his doctor's appointment this afternoon with the Pediatric ENT. They told us that he needs to be scoped to make sure that nothing is wrong more posterior in his nasal passage. Also, he needs both sides of his nostrils coterized. Because of his age, he will need to be put under through anesthesia. Once we find out about Addison tonight, we will schedule his outpatient surgery.

Addison Update I normally don't put stuff like this on my blog, but for now it may be the easiest way to let people know that I have decided to take Addison to the ER at Childrens Hospital today after school. I spoke with the ER there and they assured me that they would run tests and if necessary, keep her there until they know what's wrong after being evaluated by ER doctors and a GI specialist. I am keeping her appointment for next Tuesday (originally scheduled for June 17, but they had a cancellation) just in case we do not get answers tonight. Addison said that after a lapse of blood in her stool, it started again yesterday after school. Her stomach is still aching pretty badly. Please pray that it is nothing scary or major. Just pray for Addi. She is such a sweet girl and could really use all the heavenly power of prayer that she can get. I'll update this as often as possible. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now I'm off to Taesun's appointment with a pediatric ENT for his consistent nosebleeds. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up with two "sick" kids!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny Sayings from Kids...

As I was driving coming home from a Mommy-Daughter date with Jenna today- we saw a limo. I pointed it out to Jenna and she carefully glanced over.
"I saw the person, Mom!!" she said. "It's Fergie! She had blonde hair and red lipstick. Who else could it be?! It really is Fergie, Mom!!!"

I was watching one of my Hallmark movies that I had DVR'd and Addison was cuddled up to me. There was a wedding on it and people said their vows. She turned to me and said, "Is that what weddings are really like, Mom?"

I replied, " Well, when you get married in the temple, you don't say vows to each other like they do."

She then said," Oh good. I wouldn't know which "vowel" to say... A..E..I..O..or U!"

I literally busted a gut!!

A friend called for me tonight on the phone and the kids were at home with a babysitter. Rob and I were on a date. Taesun apparently answered as the machine picked up. So, when I got home, this is what was left on my answering machine...
"Is your mom there?"
"Is your dad there?"
"Is your babysitter there?"
"Is your grandma there?"
"Is Addison there?"

Pause... I could then hear Taesun say, "Addi- telephone. It's mom."
Addison gets on the phone and says, " Hi, Mom!!"
"Addison, it's Sister Zundel. Is your mom there?"
"No. They're out on a date and Morgan is babysitting us."
"Ohhhhh. I was going to tell your mom that..."

..... and the machine cut off. This had to go down as one of the funniest messages ever! Hopefully it conveys how funny it was by me typing it all out.

Enjoy!! And remember to always look for laughter in your life. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and reminds you how great LIFE is and to always smile.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cute Saying...

I found this when I was checking in on a few of my favorite blogs. There was an idea that I'd like to try!! The first three people who reply to this post will get something cute from me...(or if you know me at all- something delicious)! It is about paying it forward!

So here goes the cute saying:

"A good deed is like peeing your pants. Everyone knows that you did it, but only you can feel its warmth!"

Happy replying!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things little boys do...

So, Taesun has been a little crazy to deal with lately... He is trying to become potty-trained, but we are not having complete success just yet. He literally pooped next to the swimming pool out in the backyard yesterday. Rob was outside, but concentrating on cleaning the pool and didn't notice a bare-butt little boy taking a poop. What is it with my family and "poop stories"?

Another first for Rob and I this week:

I was getting Taesun off the school bus this afternoon and the bus aide told me that we had a problem. She said that Taesun was taking his "p-bird" out and playing with it on the bus. They thought that if they put him with another boy in the same seat then he would not do this... Wrong again. I think Child Services are going to show up at my door tommorrow and Rob thinks he is just showing off his junk in his trunks! Any suggestions out there on how to get my 3 yr old to stop whipping it out in public?

PS: Taesun denies it to the hills!! Both Rob and I talked to him about it and he gets really embarrased and tells us that he didn't do that. :)