Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things little boys do...

So, Taesun has been a little crazy to deal with lately... He is trying to become potty-trained, but we are not having complete success just yet. He literally pooped next to the swimming pool out in the backyard yesterday. Rob was outside, but concentrating on cleaning the pool and didn't notice a bare-butt little boy taking a poop. What is it with my family and "poop stories"?

Another first for Rob and I this week:

I was getting Taesun off the school bus this afternoon and the bus aide told me that we had a problem. She said that Taesun was taking his "p-bird" out and playing with it on the bus. They thought that if they put him with another boy in the same seat then he would not do this... Wrong again. I think Child Services are going to show up at my door tommorrow and Rob thinks he is just showing off his junk in his trunks! Any suggestions out there on how to get my 3 yr old to stop whipping it out in public?

PS: Taesun denies it to the hills!! Both Rob and I talked to him about it and he gets really embarrased and tells us that he didn't do that. :)

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Dave & Kami said...

That is the funniest story!! Boys and their P-birds!!!!