Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is the latest project at the Ro house. Jenna wants to have a "Butterfly Bash Luau" this year for her birthday in June. Since we have the pool, we always do some kind of pool party. This year her thing is butterflies. The internet has some superb ideas for birthday parties. Just google what type of party you are looking to throw and have fun reading the results. (aka: google- butterfly birthday party) Jenna and I made these invitations by ourselves. They took some time since we had to cut out individual pieces for each card. We wrote the invites on the back of the butterfly. Hopefully Jenna will have a lot of friends at her party this year. I know she'll be excited to have a party just for her. It is hard being the middle child sometimes. I guess that is why I decided to go all out this year. The butterflies that are in a flower pot are going to be centerpieces. I am going to make... YES...I SAID MAKE a butterfly cake and also a caterpillar cupcake cake to go alongside it. I found a website from Betty Crocker that actually teaches you how to make a butterfly cake and it doesn't look TOO hard. We'll see though!! The other picture that shows multiple butterflies are going to turn into hairbows. I am going to attempt to make these as part of the giveaways. We will also be giving out leis for the "luau" part, and will be making butterfly magnets to take home. I hope JJ has a good birthday!!


ash and ry said...

It is going to be such a fun party! The girls are so sad they are going to miss out on it! I'm sure everything you make will be awesome!

Kristie said...

Looks like some great ideas and a lot of fun!!