Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny Sayings from Kids...

As I was driving coming home from a Mommy-Daughter date with Jenna today- we saw a limo. I pointed it out to Jenna and she carefully glanced over.
"I saw the person, Mom!!" she said. "It's Fergie! She had blonde hair and red lipstick. Who else could it be?! It really is Fergie, Mom!!!"

I was watching one of my Hallmark movies that I had DVR'd and Addison was cuddled up to me. There was a wedding on it and people said their vows. She turned to me and said, "Is that what weddings are really like, Mom?"

I replied, " Well, when you get married in the temple, you don't say vows to each other like they do."

She then said," Oh good. I wouldn't know which "vowel" to say... A..E..I..O..or U!"

I literally busted a gut!!

A friend called for me tonight on the phone and the kids were at home with a babysitter. Rob and I were on a date. Taesun apparently answered as the machine picked up. So, when I got home, this is what was left on my answering machine...
"Is your mom there?"
"Is your dad there?"
"Is your babysitter there?"
"Is your grandma there?"
"Is Addison there?"

Pause... I could then hear Taesun say, "Addi- telephone. It's mom."
Addison gets on the phone and says, " Hi, Mom!!"
"Addison, it's Sister Zundel. Is your mom there?"
"No. They're out on a date and Morgan is babysitting us."
"Ohhhhh. I was going to tell your mom that..."

..... and the machine cut off. This had to go down as one of the funniest messages ever! Hopefully it conveys how funny it was by me typing it all out.

Enjoy!! And remember to always look for laughter in your life. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and reminds you how great LIFE is and to always smile.

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Kristie said...

Ha, HA!! I loved the vows one!! That is hilarious!