Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Taesun Updates

Taesun had his doctor's appointment this afternoon with the Pediatric ENT. They told us that he needs to be scoped to make sure that nothing is wrong more posterior in his nasal passage. Also, he needs both sides of his nostrils coterized. Because of his age, he will need to be put under through anesthesia. Once we find out about Addison tonight, we will schedule his outpatient surgery.


Vudochki said...

I wish Teasun the best. How did it go with taking Addison into the ER?

srorro said...

They found a UTI, but it is unrelated to the blood in her stool. The blood has come to a halt, but we are still concerned and want to know why it happened to begin with. We will see a GI Specialist at Children's Hospital on Tuesday. How's your family doing? I can't get on your blog from your link. What is the site?