Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taesun's Surgery

Everyt zhing went great today during Tae's surgery!! He was obsessed with the breathing mask! He absolutely loved it since it smelled like bubble gum. Funny thing is...I saw how they made it smell like bubble gum. Guess what they used?


Lip Smackers! How funny is that?! Pictures will follow in the next post. He looked so brave in his gown, hat, and slippers. What a big boy I have! Dr. Gutoskwi scoped his nose to make sure there were no posterior problems in his nostrils, adenoids, etc. No nodules or growths there!! Tae has to stay home today and needs to take it easy for the next two weeks. I have to keep his nostrils moisterized with triple antibiotic ointment at least two times daily. Thanks to all those who have kept us in your prayers this week. I truly have felt the love!!

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