Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Moon and My Mama

Ok...so my mom is seriously OBSESSED with Twilight!! I got her hooked on it when I practically had to force her to read the series. Within weeks, she had read all 4 novels. Previous to that, she probably hadn't read anything in years. She fell in love with vampires of all sorts. She even got me hooked on another series called "House of Night" by P.C. Cast. All this from a woman who wouldn't let me watch scary movies all growing up... Since Twilight came out on film, she saw the movie in the theaters at least 15 times. No joke! Then, she proceeded to buy some kind of book that was a movie companion guide with all kinds of pictures. She owns Twilight on DVD and has probably watched that DVD at least 35 more times. So, you could imagine how excited she is to go see "New Moon" in a few weeks. We planned a night out with dinner at Dewey's Pizza at the Levee and then on to see "New Moon". I'm sure it will be a blast. It's just funny that Twilight is what my mom and I bond over.

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Kristie said...

Too funny! I hope that you guys have a fun night out! I must admit that I haven't read the series. Shocking, I know!! Anyway....my MIL had to very strongly persuade me to watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, and it is now my VERY favorite movie! :) That, in turn, lead me to read the book which is also my absolute favorite!!!