Friday, July 15, 2011

Bug Control!!

The exterminators came yesterday. We have lots of deep woods in our backyard, so bugs are inevitable. Also with the 90'+ weather we always have in the summer here, bugs are constantly trying to find a water source... which ends up in my home. Anyway- the exterminators were called for an ant problem in the kitchen. I have kept my kitchen (and rest of the house) immaculate, so no reason for the ants. Unfortunately they followed me to Georgia and tried to take root in my kitchen. Less than 24 hours after the bug man sprayed, I woke up to this lovely creature in my home. We just got ADT installed and up and running, so I was under the assumption that I was "safe" while Rob is out of town with his new job. Boy was I wrong. This guy looks dead, right? We sure thought so. I decided that there was no way in Haities that I was going to pick up this sucker with a napkin, so I thought the vacuum would do the trick. Well, I'll-be-darned if this ginormous monster started flipping over and trying to run towards me. There I was- armed with the vacuum in hand- and I was being "attacked" by this monster bug that was less than one foot from my bed! The girls were in my bathroom at the moment and I later had to apologize for the obscenities I began to scream as I attempted to decimate this creature. The vacuum was barely strong enough for this sucker. It took multiple strokes with the cleaner to suck him up. All I can say is... "Rob, please come home!!"


The Morris Family said...

Welcome to the south! That would be a female cock roach, the males are smaller.Be warned some of the big females also fly! ;)

Kristie said...

Sad to say, but I have seen bigger, much bigger! Just keep a shoe handy to kill them. I personally wouldn't suggest the vacuum because then they will lay eggs in there and really, that sounds like bad news to me! Since you just got your house sprayed, you will probably find more sick ones over the next few weeks before they disappear! Gotta love the South!!!!! :)

Bjarnsons said...

Yikes! I would have done the vacuum thing too Stacey... but probably won't ever again! They lay eggs in there!?! I HATE bugs!