Friday, February 20, 2009

The funniest TRUE story ever....

Okay- so Rob has been out of town now for 5 days and we still have 2 to go. That really doesn't bother me so much. It is just the fact that I have had alot going on the past five days. So when the below story happened this morning... I just thought, "What else?". Enjoy!!

Palin, our newest member of our family, (a 5 month Golden Retriever,) has a pinch collar on so we can train her and correct her if she is doing something we don't allow. Ex) biting, chewing shoes, chewing pillows, chewing Boo, etc.

This morning as I was putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, Palin decided it would be fun to lick the dishes. Normally I wouldn't have been bothered too bad since they were dirty anyway, but she kept on moving my dishes all around and it was hard to load the dishwasher. I smacked her little nose and told her to get away from the dishes. Then the fun really began. She moved back quickly and unfortunately her pinch collar was stuck on the dishwasher bottom rack. She continued to yelp as she threw the rack (including all my dishes and silverware) all around the kitchen. She hit cabinet after cabinet trying to find a way to shake off the rack. I frantically ran after her in hopes of saving my dishwasher rack and dishes. I finally noticed what had happened and that she was stuck. I got the collar off the rack and just hopped over to a chair as quickly as I could. I really had to bite my tongue. You see- when the rack came flying out of the dishwasher, it landed on my big toe. Then it ripped off my upper part of my toenail leaving it to bleed under the nail. Talk about pain!!! I swear this should be a scene out of that new movie "Marley and Me" which I still haven't seen. (I hear it is a major tearjearker though.) For those who have seen the movie, let me know... Would this scene fit in?

Now I am sitting here with ice on my toe and pretty sure that it is broken. Crazy morning, eh?

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Kristie said...

Just bring on the insanity, huh?!! I hope that your toe is feeling better. And I sincerely hope that your kiddos don't catch what Aaron has!! I will feel so bad if they get it and your hubby isn't home!!! :O