Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun Picture Blogging Game

Okay so for this blogging game, you need to post a blog using one of your own pictures. Open My Picture file and choose the fourth folder in there. Then find the fourth picture in that file and post it! Let everyone know where, when, what, and who is in the picture and enjoy!!

MY PICTURE: The above picture was taken in Buckner, KY when Rob and I lived in Oldham County- La Grange to be exact. (Yes, that is where the state pen is...) Addison is in the pink shorts in the background. She played in the 4-5 yr old league through the YMCA. She loved playing and will probably get involved again shortly. Rob actually coached the team and couldn't get enough of all the little kiddos playing soccer....or just plain playing! I was always cheering on the sidelines with Jenna and prego with the Taesun monster!! What fun raising the kids in Oldham County. I miss my friends from there and my real estate career from there as well. It was hoppin!! Hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into our past.

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Kristie said...

Hey, fun idea! I think that I will have to try this one sometime next week!