Saturday, March 13, 2010

Totally 80's!!

My good friends, Ashley and Thu, decided to throw me a birthday party for my 30th birthday. It was an 80's themed party where lots of people dressed up. I searched and searched for 80s clothing, but unfortunately everything I found was in teeny people sizes. So- I ventured out to Goodwill and St. Vincent dePaul's and finally found a huge yellow frock of a dress which was hideous. I decided that I could do SOMETHING with the ugly dress, so I went to work. I really was going for the "party dress" look since the party was in honor of me. I quickly went to Hobby Lobby and tried to find some material for a huge belt-type-thingy and then found some mesh that was bright blue. Then I found some ribbon that was hot pink (same color as the belt) and blue with polka-dots. I thought, "Ok...I can do something with this!!"
You see the outcome. HIDEOUS!! I decided to wrap the blue mesh around the skirt part and then use the hot pink as the belt and bow. I also had a friend make the bow for the top part of the dress. Once I teased up the ol' bangs and added a charming hairbow, which I made... I think it turned out alright. Wish I could have been "cuter" for the pics, but let's face it...the 80's were NOT about being cute! Hope you enjoy the pics...

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Dave & Kami said...

Love your 80's costume and that you didn't forget about the teased bangs!! Sounds like a fun party!!

Happy Birthday stacey. Miss seeing your cute face around!