Monday, March 29, 2010

Addison and the Talent Show

The Erpenbeck Elementary Talent Show was quite the hoot this year. They had a lot of Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift songs. The teachers did an opening number to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," and the finale was with all the children in the talent show. They did a dance to "Forever" by Chris Brown (aka the Wedding dance). Addison played the piano to the famous song from the movie, "Titanic"- "My Heart Will Go On." This was the only shot I got. That's her little head behind that big ol' piano!
This is Addison and her friend, Alexa from her class at school.

Addison was one of two kids who played the piano. I was surprised that there weren't more children playing the piano! She did a wonderful job! Thanks to her awesome piano teacher for her help with this song!!!

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