Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School... ALREADY????

Two little boogers... (so stinkin' cute!)
Somehow, I just can't believe the kids are already back in school!! They were SUPER EXCITED to head to school this year. Addison hasn't really made any friends yet, so she couldn't wait to meet some new friends in her class today. Jenna was super excited to be in her teacher's class. Her teacher is very young and was just married this past summer. Here's to hoping she doesn't end up pregnant during the school year!! Taesun couldn't get enough of KinderCamp this summer, (which was only two days,) and so he definitely wanted to start school today. He had drawn a map during camp of the school. He made sure his "school map" was in his backpack today "just in case he gets lost!!" Too funny. Also worth mentioning- Kindergarten is Full Day here!!  You enjoy the pictures... I'll just enjoy the silence. Aaah...

Addison, Jenna, and Taesun

Look how CRAZY the bus stop is!! There were at least 15 kids there to get on the bus. Also- we walked about a city block to get to the bus stop. Hope we don't procrastinate getting out the door this year!

My baby going off to Kindergarten!! 

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Vudochki said...

First off, you have SUPER cute kids! Second, WOW! THEY'RE IN SCHOOL ALREADY!?! Mckenzie doesn't start kindergarten until after Labor Day! Last, but not least, I am so jealous that kindergarten is full day for you! We have 1/2 day and if you want full day kindergarten you have to fork over almost $3,000! uhhh, that's not happening! I hope they make friends quickly and they have lot's of fun this year!