Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tellus Museum

Our family decided to go to a nearby museum this past weekend. Rob wanted to do something special for the kids. We decided on a museum called "Tellus Museum" in northern Georgia. It was pretty neat. They had it broken up into several areas including, Gems and Minerals; Dinosaurs and Fossils; Planes, Autos, and Rockets;a hands-on experiment section; gem panning and fossil digging; solar house. We had lots of fun exploring and walked away with shark teeth, gems that we panned, and lots of education!!

Addison really liked the gems. She wouldn't surprise me if she became a geologist one day!

Addison being goofy in the astronaut suit.

Jenna was super excited about posing in this suit!!

Mission control: we have a problem... Jenna's in charge!!

Jenna's favorite gems/minerals were the quartz and pyrite.

Jenna kissing the astronaut!

I had no idea Taesun would be so interested in this place! He shocked me most of all. This museum actually held his attention!

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ash and ry said...

Very fun! That's one of my favorite things about moving to new places is just checking out everything.