Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Michaels

Taesun relayed this story at dinner tonight.

"Hey Mom... Did you know there are two Michaels in my class at school? There is Michael H. who is really bad and then there is Michael Hollingsworth who is really fat."

I busted out laughing. I asked to make sure he said "fat" and sure enough... What a funny kid. Hmmm... I wonder how he describes me???

Enough thinking for now.

I've been working out and eating healthy lately. In fact, I am on week 3 of doing this. I exercise at least 4-5 times per week for an hour of cardio each day. I am also doing minor strength training at home. I did a metabolic test where I found out my resting metabolic rate was WAY low. This is probably due to my thyroid and lack of metabolism. Oh well- just another roadblock to overcome. I am allotted 1400 calories/day plus 50% of however many calories I burn through exercise. Typically I burn 460 calories which means I am supposed to eat 1630 calories/day so my body doesn't think I am starving myself. That is actually crazy hard to do when you eat healthy foods!! For instance, my breakfast is only 70 calories. I don't drink anything but water and Diet Mountain Dew, so no calories there. A typical lunch is between 300-400 calories. That leaves a whole lot of calories to eat for dinner and snacks.

I have found some new loves that I thought I would share on here... bottled water with a few frozen berries thrown in... and shaken up. (Makes a great flavored water without any fake sugar...) Also, a mango smoothie with light peach yogurt and a cup of frozen mango pieces. YUM!! Very refreshing!

On another note... my sweet husband has succumbed to my wishes and is taking me to a concert OF MY CHOICE on Thursday. I am soooo excited for the opening act. In all honesty- I could go without seeing the other two bands, but I'm sure they will be fun too. Here is who is playing in order... Matt Nathanson, Maroon 5, and Train. We have lawn seats in an outdoor amphitheater closeby. We also have a babysitter for the night starting at 4pm. Unfortunately for Rob, my Aunt Flo decided to visit today so for all his effort.... Sorry Rob.

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ash and ry said...

That sounds like it is going to be an awesome night! Have fun! BTW, did I tell you that we got Wicked tickets finally??? YAY!! I'm so excited.
Oh- and love Taesun's little story. It's funny how kids think.