Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Crab Shack- Tybee Island

We had to head out of town to get medicine for Addison's legs. On our way back into town, we decided to stop for lunch at "The Crab Shack." It was a very unique restaurant. There were tables with holes in the middle with a garbage can underneath. That way one could throw away their un-edible parts so no one had to look at them. (The kids were very thankful for that!!) After lunch, we stayed long enough to feed the live gators. The kids thought it was very cool that they had the chance to do that.
A shot I took at "The Crab Shack." This is totally unedited!! 

Ms. Addi Patty

Ticey Bicey

Jenna Bo-Benna

The girls feeding the gators. Taesun had pooped out by this time!!

Look closely... the gator is about to get his snack.

She loved every minute of this!

Random smiling Rob pic

Isn't he so cute!! Love that little guy! (and the big one too!!)

Somebody woke up to feed the gators.

Aahh!! Don't eat the Daddy!

She looks pyscho here, but she is attempting to "tickle" the alligator.

Best friends... (sometimes)

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