Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Jellyfish Incident

This one deserves a post in and of itself. When we were at the beach, the tide was going VERY VERY FAR OUT. There was indeed a mile of sandbar that you could walk on only getting your ankles wet. I've never seen anything like it!! It was kind of fun since the kids found "an island" and dubbed it The Ro Island. We sat and played. We dug for crabs. We dug down into the water table and tried to see how long we could keep the hole going for. Once we got a bit sandy, I offered to go into the "deeper" water (which was about up to my knees) with the girls to rinse off the sand. We were there a whole whopping 15 seconds when Addison started screaming in pain and running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I had ZERO clue what I was supposed to do. Quickly I ran over to her and within seconds Rob was there to the rescue. It appears that she was attacked by about five jellyfish at once. We later learned that it is apparently mating season for the jellies right now. Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have swam out there knowing that!!! Here is what it looks like when you get attacked by mating jellyfish...      
                                             swollen yucky jellyfish stings

closeup of the redness and pain

my poor baby trying to be a big girl about it

We're lucky she didn't go into shock.

Natives of Tybee said that they had never seen such a bad set of stings before.
 Everyone thought she might be allergic to it.  She wasn't, but man was she in pain!!

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Vudochki said...

HOLY COW! That's aweful! I hope she's better by now. I've been stung by a jelly fish and it hurts, but not by 5 during mating season and I've never seen a sting swell up that much. Poor girl! I guess she'll have a great story to share!