Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer

What do the Ro's have planned for the summer? Lots of activity!! The girls are both in softball...Jenna in T-ball and Addison in machine pitch. They are also in Golf, Kickball, Fitness Fun, and Jenna is also in an acting class. Tae is in soccer now and is sooo funny as we attempt to capture his attention doing various soccer skills for 1 hour. We also have several pool parties at our home and have passes to Kings Island, an amusement park that the kids absolutely LOVE. Other than that- Stacey has PTA conference in Louisville with her buddy, Carrie A. in July and is really looking forward to that. Also- lots of PTA meetings to get ready for next year including meeting with my coordinators about various programs we are doing for 2009-2010, budget committee- where we set the budget for 2009-2010, and board meetings- where we get the lowdown on everyone else's meetings with their coordinators and come together to get an idea of what all is going on with the PTA progress for 2009-2010 year. Rob is busy with some travel with his job. A trip to Atlanta was earlier this week and he has an upcoming trip to who-knows-where later this month. Alongside of work, he is busy playing out with his band. 1-2 shows/week on average for the summer. Crazy,huh?! They are really good and have recently put together a poster for advertising the band as well as a demo CD for venues to check out prior to booking them. If you want to check out his band, visit the myspace account... luluscloset. When Rob is not at work or play :), he is busy doing some house projects that come with the territory of owning a 12 yr old house. Some recent projects include: trimming and removing some landscaping, building a fort for the kids, getting the pool ready for swimming, replacing the faucet in the kitchen, attempting to fix the plumbing leak in our master bath, and various other projects. I don't know what we'd do without him!! Hang in there, Rob... we love you!

We hope your summer is filled with lots of fun activities for your family!! Happy Summer!

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