Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Crazy Jenna-Benna!!

She's SUCH a DIVA!!! Like the colors? Her favorites!! Jenna is by far the most THEATRICAL, DRAMATIC, and down right CRAZIEST girl that ever walked the planet. "For serious!" she would say.
For some odd reason- (maybe because I'm her mother) I just love that girl. She definitely keeps me on my toes though. She is famous not only for her odd-ball faces she pulls off, but also for her divalicious phrases as well. Some of them include:
"No offense, though"
"Soooo random"
"It's so BOR-ING"
and clearly one of my personal favorites:
From the song, "Teardrops on my Guitar" by Taylor Swift:
"He's the reason for the teardrops and nuggets hard...(teardrops on my guitar)"
Honestly... if you didn't just laugh- THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!
There is not a moment that Jenna Benna is not either looking at herself in the mirror or dancing around. She CANNOT live for one day without doing the above-mentioned "at least like a gazillion times!!"
Oh Jenna...if you only knew how hard my life is going to be when you are a teenager! The only thing that makes it okay is that I know you have a good and loving heart. You may be crazy, but you're still my little Jenna Benna!!

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Dave & Kami said...

she is soo dang cute. She sounds alike like my oldest. The joys of having girls!!!