Monday, June 22, 2009

This is from Jenna-Benna's Graduation from Kindergarten. She was soooo excited to win a certificate for Excellent Attendance! We were so proud of her. She was great at singing the songs that they rehearsed and cracked us up on more than one occasion during the performance. I was so proud to be her parent!! Great job, Jenna!

This is Jenna's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Frolo-Baker. I volunteered in the classroom for the last semester and got to know the teacher pretty well. I would now consider us "friends". I just love Shirley Mann Elementary!!

This is Mrs. Kelter. She was the aide in Jenna's classroom. She was a life-saver on many occasions. She is a very hard worker and extremely dedicated to her job and to the kids. What a great role model for Jenna!

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