Friday, June 26, 2009

Bills, Bills, Bills...

Check out this stack of medical bills!!! Crazy,huh? I was cleaning off my desk which doubles as the home office and mail pile, and decided to count how many medical bills we have that have come in since January of this year. Count them.... 20!!! With Taesun's head injury and nosebleeds, my 23-day headache and thyroid problems, and Addison's GI tract and bacterial infection..... this is what it adds up to. I have a newfound appreciation for those with medical problems. I wouldn't even consider us as having moderate health concerns... just crap that happened as the same time this year. Nothing major. Could you imagine what a cancer patient's bills look like? How about someone with an autoimmune disease or fatal disease? What a crazy world we live in. Instead of focusing on the patient and the problem they are having, many of us HAVE to focus on the medical bills piling in and the setbacks it is going to cause the family.

PS: We are ALL healthy right now!! No major problems and happy to be posting about something that is hopefully all in the past!!

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