Thursday, June 18, 2009


I found out the blood test was negative and then had that confirmed today. I think this is one of the hardest things to go through as a woman. It is one of those times when you feel sooo confused. How do I not know my own body by now? I've been with it for 29 years!! Also- there are pros and cons to the no baby thing. Now, I can focus on the three that I have and I do have a new found appreciation for each of them. I love their personalities. I love that Taesun is potty-trained. I love that Addison has been helping me ALL DAY since I pulled a back muscle when putting away a pack-n-play. (Chelsie- no worries... it would have happened anyway once I started vaccumming!!) Now off to prepare for Jenna's 6th birthday. Time to make a spectacular butterfly cake and caterpillar cupcake design. I hope it all turns out. Happy early birthday to Jenna!! I think I'll be busy and won't be able to post until after her party!! Have a great weekend- I know we will!

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