Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So, I am going psycho around here. This past Saturday, I threw up. No reason why. Just threw up. I have never done this before in my entire life!! (unless I was pregnant). Now, my hubby thinks I'm seriously losing my marbles and probably belong in a looney bin, but I am just saying that as far as the calendar goes, the stars are alligned for me to be pg. I also am having lower back pain, bloated belly, difficulty sleeping, and MAJOR food aversions! I made these incredible turtle brownies for a neighbors mini-birthday party. They looked delicious!! I was totally excited to eat one of my creations. However, I took one bite and made someone literally take it away from me. I felt nauseus from one bite!! Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm pregnant. Regardless- somethings wrong!! (PS: I'll know something by tomorrow. I'll keep this posted!!)

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