Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Treasure Island, Florida

This year for Christmas, Rob and I decided to head out with the family to Treasure Island, Florida. Before we left, I did a bunch of research and found a blog of a family that had been there previously. The mom had small children about the same ages of mine and had a wonderful idea to bury a hidden pirate treasure in the sand and have a treasure map magically appear for the kids to dig up a hidden treasure. So- with that being said, I set out to Hobby Lobby in search of how to make a treasure chest. I found a cheap cardboard box that looked like a chest, painted it gold, found colorful beads and gold foil chocolate coins. I filled the box and voila!! Here are the results. I think it turned out perfect! On Christmas Eve, we had arranged to take a Pirate Cruise on Capt. Memo's Pirate Ship and so that morning, I got up and made a little treasure map and dug a hole, put in the chest, and marked it with an X. The kids had to figure out where the treasure was. (Now, Jenna found the chest under the sink at the hotel/condo we stayed at. So, she knew it wasn't really a pirate treasure. Addison was too smart and figured out that real pirate treasure maps would be more crinkled and worn than my plain computer paper that I used. We told the girls not to tell their brother and they didn't. He thought it was a real Pirate Treasure. Yay!! My plan worked... sort of.)

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