Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at Mott and Pa's

We had a mini- Christmas at Mott and Pa's before we left for Florida this year. It was lots of fun. The kids got fun bags from Mott and Pa for traveling consisting of lots of toys, fun books, and even equipped with a neck pillow and personalized blanket for each kid. Also- every year, Pa and Rob have an ongoing tradition. It all started when my dad got Rob a hideous color of "coral" sweatshirt for a REAL Christmas present. Rob decided that it was ugly enough to start a tradition. He embellished the sweatshirt a bit and added my dad's name, Ross, to the sweatshirt and gave it back to him the following year. Each year, whoever has the sweatshirt, has to make it a bit more unique and wrap it so it is even harder to unwrap for the other person. Each year, the family gathers around to open the beloved sweatshirt and each year we are laughing hysterically at the new additions to the sweatshirt. The only other stipulation is that the person who opens the present has to actually wear the sweatshirt and let us take pictures of them in it. This year, Rob and I added a tutu to the bottom of the sweatshirt making it a wonderful addition for any true man to wear. Here is the proof in the photos! Enjoy!!

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