Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Addison's Baptism

Well, on December 12, Addison was baptized. I can't believe that I'm this old to already have an eight year old...but so it goes. She looked absolutely beautiful that day. I found a unique arrangement of the song, "Baptism" to play during the baptism. She packed in the house!! So many people showed up. I know it made her feel very special. As I looked around at all the familiar faces, I was so thankful for all our many friends. We are truly blessed. The cake was made by a friend, Thu Blackwell, who did an amazing job! My friend (and Addi's piano teacher), Ashley Smith, gave Addison a beautiful "Baptism bracelet", which she got to wear after she got out of the water. Now she can always look at it and remember her special day. The Stanford's and the Waldmann's also came which was so great to have their support and love that day. Chelsie and Bryan had just had a baby less than a week before and still showed up!! Thank you to everyone who made it that day. It was so wonderful to feel the spirit so strong and be amongst some of the best people we know!!

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